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Mobile Reasonings

Dwayne Extol, Constant Supplier of Empowering Words

Motivation to be the best person that society would be happy with might end you in an asylum. Try being the best version of yourself first. Impress yourself with just how good you are at being you. When we turn the spotlight on ourselves, we need to know that we are happy with who is there. Dwayne Extol lives this reality every day of his life. Find out why.

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Just A Thought

Just A Thought: The Importance of ‘WHY’

One of the most critical moments in your life is when you get to know why you are here in the first place. What did the Creator have in mind when you were a thought? This assignment, we call your ‘Why’. Today, we hope you will understand that there is no science to figuring it out. There is just a need for introspection. Are you ready to know your ‘why’?

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