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Grace To Grow: A Beacon of Light For Women

Grace to Grow Mentorship & Training Limited, a dynamic Jamaican company, has emerged as a beacon of empowerment and growth within the local business and educational landscape. The company’s primary purpose is to provide comprehensive mentorship and training programmes that equip women with the skills, knowledge, mindset, and support needed to excel in their professional and personal lives.

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Enterprise Development Grants By JSIF Drives Change

The article focuses on the GOJ ICD II Enterprise Grant, which has impacted nearly 400 individuals with $51.7M since July 2020. The grant aims to encourage good business practices and has built-in elements such as innovation, the use of technology, and social media marketing. The recipients receive financial assistance and over six months of training, help with business registration, financial literacy, business development support, and psycho-social support.

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Young Men and Women

Empowering Young Men and Women of Purpose

The YWOP and YMOP programs, led by Lanisia Rhoden, give young people the tools they need to realize their maximum potential. The attendees of this year’s R.E.A.P. conference were inspired and equipped with resources they can use to achieve their goals.

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