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Bob Marley
Health & Environment

Radiant Sunset at Bob Marley Beach

Jamaica is a treasure trove of undiscovered wonders. I had heard a lot about the Bob Marley beach, so we decided to have a look at it today. To find out why this beach was named after our beloved Reggae Icon and what all the hoopla was about the sunset, I went on a quest.

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Kimani Gibbons Shapes Lives With Aptitude Football Academy in Central Village

Kimani Gibbons has not forgotten where he grew up. The young ‘baller’ stays connected to his community by helping the youth build themselves into powerful and positive adults. His creation of the Aptitude Football Academy is a hands-on effort to give neighbourhood youth a chance to experience positive choices. He needs your support in any way you can provide it.

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Just A Thought

Just A Thought | I Recognize

When you recognize that there is an imbalance in life, the only way to fix it is to look into yourself and fix what you see. That action is the key to change. Anything else will lead you down the same road, again and again.

Look into yourself. Take stock of what you can fix in you. Once that is done, look how the new you can now help others do the same thing.

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