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What Do You Have In Your Hand?

What Do You Have In Your Hand?

Judith Hyatt asking the students to explain what they see in their hands.

How much thought have you ever given to your hand and what lies within your hands?  On Friday, October 19, 2018 I was issued a challenge to test those things which lie within my hands.

My husband and I were dropping off our boys at school on that morning, when he received a call from the planned guest speaker for that morning’s ‘Straight Talk Session’ at Boys’ Town Infant and Primary School.  The short of that call was that the guest presenter could not make it as she had a personal emergency. What do we do now?  In a flash my husband says to me, “Judith, you will have to present today at Straight Talk.”

I went into defense mode, ready to protest why I could not present at a moment’s notice.  I was not prepared to speak to the kids at such short notice, I had to ‘prepare’.  Well, I went into a moment of silence-ish and prayer during our drive to the school, when it became clear that ‘No’ was not an option.  During the drive to the school, the word about what I would present became clear.

Upon being greeted by the ‘Grade Six Believers’, I asked each child to examine their hands and describe what they saw in their hands.  The responses included money, networks, lines, finger print and more.  They were all correct, as all of those can be found on their hands, but there was more.  I asked the students to tell me what they remembered about Moses in the bible, the things he did with the help of God, and the instrument that he had in his hand.  Yes, they got it correct. Moses had a staff or a rod in his hand when God called him to go to Egypt and confront Pharaoh about freeing all the Israelites who had been in slavery for hundreds of years.

Judith Hyatt explaining the importance of knowing what you already have that is great within you.

I reminded the students that just like Moses, when God called him to go to Egypt, he thought that he had nothing to give.  He also told God that he was not good at speaking, Moses was afraid.  But God asked Moses “What do you have in your hand, Moses?”  Some of the students, quite knowledgeably, told me that God turned the same rod into snake and to eat up Pharaoh’s snake, and that same rod was used to turn the water into blood, and still that same rod was used to part the Red Sea.  Their breakdown of the great exploits by Moses was the perfect set up to drive home my message of the power that lies within our hands.

I asked each student what they possessed that they can use to fulfill their calling in life?  Since all of the systems and organs throughout our body is connected to our hands, then it means that our hands have a special purpose to enable each person to do great exploits and achieve our purpose in life.  Students shared things that they have a passion for doing, and enjoy doing it.  The list included writing songs, playing football, washing dishes, help cleaning the house, cooking etc.  I emphasized that all these could only be done by moving, moving and using that natural thing that God placed within their hands, moving and using those passions that have been placed within their natural make up.

Putting my own journey under the microscope of these students and their 2 teachers, I shared how just like Moses I saw myself, as a child and into adulthood.  I did not readily see what was special about me.  I also did not see that I had talent that could be used.

handI showed the students that even when I did not believe there was anything special about me, God showed me that I should use my hands to fulfill my purpose.  I followed the natural design of how my brain works, to assess and investigate everything I needed to know more about.  I described how I followed a natural career in Accounting.  I performed Accounting naturally with all the parts of me and watched the work flow out of my hands and created solutions for many employers.  I followed God and used what he placed in my hands to create a career.  The students were excited to learn that working my hands led me to travel extensively to include Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, South Africa, Kenya, Senegal and the USA.  By following God’s direction of using my hands, my inquisitiveness (being faas – Jamaican style) and asking questions, what I had discovered was that I had power in my hands all along and I learnt how to use it.

By now each student had woken up to understand what I was asking when I made the request again.  “Hands up.  Look into your hands and tell me what you see.”  By this time they could describe what they saw within their hands, they could describe what God has placed inside them and flowed from their feet to their hands.  The teachers too were asked to state what they had in their hands, and this they readily did.

The final charge to the students was to never allow anyone to tell them that what is in their hands does not make sense.  Never allow anyone to dumb down your passion, because greatness lives inside them.  Just follow the passion inside of you, even if it does not make sense to others around you. Keep using what God has placed in your hands.


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