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One of the most rewarding aspects of my career is empowering youth.  We do this in many ways but one such dedicated way, always yields positive results.  That way?  Straight Talk! Straight Talk is a session we have currently at Boy’s Town Primary in Trench Town, Kingston.  The aim of the session is not a pep talk or a at-a-boy. It’s more of a guidance session for interested students.

What we do, through the Charles Hyatt Foundation, the non-profit arm of Good News Jamaica, is introduce the students to successful professionals.  Straight Talk is not a career day initiative or a ‘look how good I’m doing’ session.  It takes on a completely different angle by explaining to the presenter (professional) that their task is to leave a road map for the students to be able to follow in order to also be successful in that profession.

We have had many sessions at Boy’s Town since we began in 2013 and astronomical results.  With that in mind, we have decided to record Straight Talk and share it with the world.  This way, if you see a way that you would like to get involved with Boy’s Town or Good News Jamaica, you will get in contact.  You are always welcome.

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