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Helping Jordan Allen and his mom


The Hands of Praise Extension (H.O.P.E) is a non-profit, sign language, ministerial group made up mainly of students from the Northern Caribbean University. Their main aim is to spread the Word of God through music and sign.

Annually, in tandem with their mission, they host the Make it Happen Concert: a benefit concert where all proceeds go to a child in need. The last concert assisted one year old Nazario Smith who suffered from cerebral palsy.

Brandon Anderson, president of the Hands of Praise Extension Group and Northern Caribbean University student, says that the intention of the group is to help children in need, so they can be equipped with the potential to chase their dreams, “the tagline of our group is Helping Other People Excel and that is exactly what we try to do”.

This year (H.O.P.E) is seeking to raise funds for 11-year-old Jordan Allen.

Jordan is currently suffering from an advanced stage of scoliosis and is unable to walk, can barely move, and cannot go to school. His grieving mother, Doreen Allen, states that she is overwhelmed with the fact that her youngest child cannot lead a normal life. “I am asking Jamaica if they could help me, from the bottom of them heart, it’s very hard for me. I have to go to town every other month and sometimes I cant find it”.

This year the concert, which is in aid of Jordan Allen, will be held at the Northern Caribbean University Gymnatorium on March 30th, starting at 7pm. If you are interested in buying tickets or helping Jordan directly, you can call 876-909-5871 or email npowell16@stu.ncu.edu.jm

We are seeking the help of all Jamaicans in broadcasting this story, so Jordan can get the help and support that he needs.

[Below] is a video feature that the group recently did on Jordan.


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