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A splendid reasoning with Akala

A splendid reasoning with Akala


It’s not every day that you can sit down with a global celebrity that you hold in high regard.  Unless of course you live in Jamaica.  As much as that sounds like an extremely biased statement, it really isn’t.  Living on an island that is home to the Calabash Literary Festival, which attracts a global audience; you never know who you’ll meet.  GNJ got the chance to sit down and reason with a young man who can only be described as astounding.  Akala grew up on the UK in the 80’s and amidst many obstacles. He has become one of the worlds most sought after historians.  He is also a lover and performer of Shakespeare.  Don’t forget he is also an author of three books.  Also check out his music CD’s as he is a Hip-Hop artist.

Let me send a special and specific ‘Big Up’ to Chanelle Newman, Sena Dawes, and especially Justine Hensell for allowing this opportunity to manifest and be absolutely awesome.  We appreciate how much you all did to make sure this happened for GNJ and we appreciate you.

If you have not been to the Calabash Literary Festival yet, you have two years to get ready for the next one.  Take it from me, you don’t want to miss it.  Every room in the beautiful town of Treasure Beach will be booked, so reserve early. The festival is a melting bot of people who love books, poetry, music, and anything culture.  I have not met anyone who was disappointed with their time spent during the festival.  It is just an amazing weekend of mind-blowing presentations.

So that I don’t have you reading to much longer, take a look below and watch the video.  Please don’t forget to share the video.  Also, please share the video throughout social channels.

An interview/Reasoning with Akala




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