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Trelawny’s Super Family: Creators of the New Standard

Annu Stewart and his family are a force to be reckoned with. This magnificent group represents greatness. Their eyes are on the prize, and with their made-up minds, nothing can stop them. Education, self-reliance and confidence are major themes in this family. I'maa'ra and Miss Bev are confident, hardworking and talented individuals whose lives and principles reflect in their children.

Dr Damian Ffriend: An Extraordinary Serviceman

Anyone who knows Bishop Dr Damian Ffriend can attest to his hardworking and happy personality. He is a confident powerhouse who is well known for his charisma. Ever notice how some people just naturally seem to shine and make others happy? Just by walking into a room they become the centre of attraction. Everyone wants to be around them. This is Dr Damian Ffriend! Check out this article and video to learn more about this highly accomplished gentleman.