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Virtual Symposium In Honour Of Marcus Garvey

The unification of our people is the only way to take control of our experiences. As Marcus Garvey taught, we will understand just how powerful our vice is when we depend on ourselves. This understanding is the sentiment of the symposium hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment, and Sport in collaboration with the Jamaican Consul in Namibia.

Champions of Emancipation

In Jamaica, on August 1, 1838, thousands of ex-slaves who had gathered at town centres and churches in the British Caribbean territory broke into joyous celebrations after hearing the final words of the Emancipation Declaration, affirming their complete freedom from slavery. This momentous date represented the abolition of the dehumanising system that enslaved people of African descent in the British colony for over 150 years. Read about some of the players that championed the emancipation movement.