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Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven. It is important that we let our lives be a positive example to the people we encounter. Everything that I am and everything that I do should reflect the glory of God.

Jamaican Blue Draws Recipe – aka Dukunu

In some cases, the timeless traditions of Jamaica are celebrated all year round as normal life. Eating Blue Draws is one such tradition.

Suicide Awareness Day – Preventing Suicide in A Global Pandemic

World Suicide Prevention Day is observed annually on September 10. This is done to raise awareness about suicide and the actions to prevent it. Help us to educate others by sharing this article with friends, family and loved ones. Together we have the power to make a difference and the power to save a life.

Harold Moody – Jamaican Born Physician

Have you seen today’s Google Doodle? Today's doodle celebrates Jamaican-born British doctor, racial equality campaigner, and founder of the U.K.'s first civil rights movement Dr Harold Moody.

Roxan Whilby – The Benevolent Breast Cancer Survivor

Roxan Whilby became a nurse to help people. After being diagnosed with the Big C she had to find the will to overcome, stay focused and serve.

Ashley Duffus: The Unstoppable Champion

Hailing from Portmore, St. Catherine, Ashley Duffus is a 19 years old Jamaican track and field champion. She advocates the importance of being a well-rounded individual because of its benefits such as knowing and experiencing more in life. These are the things that Ashley not only talked about but has lived. Her story is dynamic and powerful and should not be missed.

Patricia Eves-McKenzie – Catalyst for Change

The importance of gratitude and helping others are some of the lessons Mrs. Patricia Eves-McKenzie learnt along her journey. The retired master teacher is a lover of life, God and positivity. She takes pleasure in helping people realise and achieve their goals, while reminding them that it is never too late to dream.

Give Blood and Make the World A Healthier Place

Persons who donate blood are heroes. This act of giving plays an important role in saving many lives. The gifts of blood is the gift of life.

Over 10 Million Bottles Collected Through Wisynco ECO Club Competition

The Wisynco Eco Club Recycle Competition, with several thousand students participating from over 100 schools across the island has collected an accumulative total of 10,424,372 plastic bottles for its 2019-2020 recycling initiative.  Held under the theme, ‘Recycling Plastic, Feels Fantastic’, the competition aims to increase awareness and actions towards recycling and plastic bottle recovery; while […]

Experiences are Valuable

There are countless moments in your life from which you can choose to learn a lesson, or not. Your own experiences present a massive wealth of learning opportunities and possibilities on which you can build a better you.

Don’t Give Up, Don’t Surrender

Inspiration keeps us hopeful and motivated. Share these stories and share your own stories to inspire others and keep moving forward. At GNJ, we love to hear what inspires you so please let us know in the comments. Let’s inspire each other!

Joan A. Davis-Williams: Education Stalwart

It’s her passion and commitment to using her resources for the benefit of others that keeps Joan Davis-Williams ticking. She has worked for almost half a century to change lives of children and young educators. Mrs Davis-Williams is a much-revered teacher among her students and colleagues and has made invaluable contributions to society. Throughout her […]

Non-Profits to the Rescue – Part 1

There are rays of hope within today's uncertainty. These beams of light are from the selfless people and organizations that are determined to combat the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Non-Profit Organizations have been on a mission to minimize the spread of Covid-19, putting others before themselves. Let's join them, working together to flatten the curve. #Togetherapart #Tanahyuhyard