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Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven. It is important that we let our lives be a positive example to the people we encounter. In the words of Charles Hyatt, 'Eat, Walk and Live Good News.'

Joan A. Davis-Williams: Education Stalwart

It’s her passion and commitment to using her resources for the benefit of others that keeps Joan Davis-Williams ticking. She has worked for almost half a century to change lives of children and young educators. Mrs Davis-Williams is a much-revered teacher among her students and colleagues and has made invaluable contributions to society. Throughout her […]

Non-Profits to the Rescue – Part 1

There are rays of hope within today's uncertainty. These beams of light are from the selfless people and organizations that are determined to combat the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Non-Profit Organizations have been on a mission to minimize the spread of Covid-19, putting others before themselves. Let's join them, working together to flatten the curve. #Togetherapart #Tanahyuhyard

Sarrah-Ann Allen – Jamaican in the Ivy

At just 19 years old, Sarrah-Ann has a significant number of accomplishments tucked under her belt. She is an example of a youth leader who is determined to use her skill and passion for learning to make a difference. She intends to impact the world positively, using education as her tool and fuel.

Covid-19: Resources for Students

When responding to a pandemic, the first consideration must always be the safety and health of everyone in the country. As a result, social distancing and self-quarantining rules have been put into place. While the world continues to continue adjusting plans and responses to the Coronavirus, we have compiled a list of resources to assist parents/caregivers, students and educators with at-home learning.

Covid 19: Our Unsung Heroes

The Good News Jamaica team expresses our gratitude to all of the brave men and women currently on the front lines fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Productivity During Quarantine

Are you really going to waste all your free time during this quarantine? Engage in activities that will keep you productive.

Lauren Campbell – The Motivator

Lauren Campbell is a social butterfly who is on a mission to empower people to be their best selves, particularly women and girls.

Stacy Ann Garvey: The Resurrected

When God sends you to prison, you can rest assured that he has a plan to use you as a beacon of light for the world. Stacy Ann Garvey is a living example of what it is to be used by the almighty. Her story proves that God recycles.

FEAR = Face Everything and Rise

Fear is one of the most common reasons people procrastinate on taking actions toward their goals. Fear is detrimental. Awake the lion in you and overcome your fears today.

Happy International Women’s Day

This special day should be spent highlighting exceptional people who have extraordinary qualities. There really isn't another way to describe women. They are just remarkable and we love them because of it.