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Encouragement Sweetens Labour: A Powerful Word From Dad

There is something about a father's love. Daddy carries the power in his words that can change a person's life. Dads should not take this ability lightly. It should be used wisely and measured. Your children do more than listen to what you say. They pay close attention to your actions, as they speak louder than words.

Faithful Are The Wounds Of A Friend

We need a friend during life. Some of are lucky to have more than one true friend. We need to know that friendship might have parameters but there should be no boundary for honesty. It should be the one characteristic we continuously don't compromise on.

Just A Thought: Her Black Skin is Part of Her Extreme Beauty

It is our personality that makes us the power-filled human beings that we are. Our skin is the wrapper of all our energy. Never, ever be ashamed of your black skin. It carries centuries of dignity and pride. Stand tall little princess.