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George Wright Must Resign – Cry The Women

As Jamaicans worldwide make their feelings known, the call for George Wright to be removed from parliament is getting louder by the day. The former JLP Member of Parliament became embattled ever since a video showing a man beating a woman went viral.

Sandals Foundation to Plant 10,000 Trees By June 2022

The Sandals Foundation has decided that they will plant no less than 10,000 trees in Jamaica by April 2022. The effort is to help a collaborative group reach their goals of planting one million trees throughout the Caribbean by that time.

Canada Donates $11.3 Mil Toward COVID-19 Field Hospitals

A donation of JMD$11.3Mil will go a long way in empowering Jamaica in it's fight to contain the COVID-19 Vaccine. The countries hospitals will be furnished with 48 new beds to deal with the influx of needy patients. A much needed injection.

Grange celebrates Rastafari Groundation Day

In celebrating Groundation Day, the Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, The Honourable Oliva Grange, released a heartfelt message. She intends to point out the significant meaning of such a visit to the only global religion indigenous to Jamaica. Well done, Rastafari.

Eight Judges Appointed to the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal

Jamaica's Judicial system needs reinforcement and empowerment. With that in mind, Jamaica's Governor-General appointed eight judges to the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals for the Easter Term. The ceremony took place at King's House. Although their task ahead is not easy, each has sworn to represent society's expectation to uphold a stellar justice system.

Oberlin’s Past Students Donates $600,000 to Help Implement Covid-19 Safety Measures

As part of efforts to bolster the health and safety measures brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, members of the graduating class of 1989 have donated $600,000 to their alma mater, Oberlin High School, to help with sanitation projects. The donation will significantly enhance the ability of the school to meet the stipulated protocols of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information as well as those of the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

US Library of Congress, Treasures ‘The Harder They Come’ Soundtrack

The Library of Congress added The Harder They Come to its archives. The addition signifies the cultural significance of the album. The Jamaican movie was the first, and the soundtrack help transport our culture worldwide. A definite cultural treasure!

Despite Challenges, Jamaica Will Continue to Advance Rights Of Citizens

The government is committed to protecting the rights of its citizens. Minister Johnson Smith expressed this sentiment during the 46th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Children, the elderly, women and persons with disabilities are all focus groups.

‘Valuing Water’ Theme Underscored by Wata® For World Water Day 2021

In recognizing the mounting global water crisis, Marketing Coordinator at Wisynco, Tiffany Simmonds, shared that "We are trying to encourage all Jamaicans, particularly our young people, to value water and not to be wasteful.

Bellevue Gets Help from Rubis to Fight Covid-19

Doing a bout of social responsibility, RUBiS Energy Jamaica has reached out to the Bellevue Hospital in Kingston to help them fight the COVID-19 virus. The company has supplied the hospital with much needed cleaning supplies.

Olive Senior is Jamaica’s 2021-2024 Poet Laureate

Olive Senior is the latest cultural icon invested as the Poet Laureate of Jamaica. The ceremony took place at King’s House, and Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen presented her. Her term runs from 2021 to 2024. Her responsibility will be to increase the spoken are across Jamaica.

PNP Congratulates PNP of Turks and Caicos on Stunning Victory

Jamaica's People's National Party recognized the victory by the Progressive National Party. The leader of Jamaica's PNP has sent congratulations for the landslide victory.