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Just a Thought: The Beautiful Art of Forgiveness

If you want to take off about 20 lbs of weight., try forgiveness. When we harbour hard feelings, it weighs us down and causes undo stress. That same stress turns into life altering manifestations which affect us negatively. Forgiveness on the other hand, opens up a life of freedom which can be duplicated by nothing. Try it.

Just A Thought | I Recognize

When you recognize that there is an imbalance in life, the only way to fix it is to look into yourself and fix what you see. That action is the key to change. Anything else will lead you down the same road, again and again. Look into yourself. Take stock of what you can fix in you. Once that is done, look how the new you can now help others do the same thing.

Just A Thought | Identity

There are qualities that humans have that make us unique. For so long, we’ve been fighting with our external world, to make our lives better. We use natural resources to power our homes and advanced weaponry to protect ourselves from each other and other animals. These traits have made us the most dominate species. Coincidently, […]

Just A Thought | Acceptance

Generating what is needed to re-create one’s own life during this pandemic, I believe, first starts with acceptance. The Oxford dictionary defines acceptance as the quality of being willing to accept an unpleasant or difficult situation. The approval requires a desire to value the good, the bad and the ugly of your life. Conversely, it […]

Just a Thought – Kindness

Kindness is both an in-born concept and something that is learned over time. However you build it, kindness is a valuable traits to have. The dividens can be unending, fulfilling, and transferred for centuries. Build up your kindness arsenal and see how it works.