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Nadine Sinclair aka Nadz – is an International Transformational Coach, Trainer, Storyteller & Motivational Speaker. Her clients say, 'Nadz has been Coaching LONG before it was Sexy'!! Nadz grew up in Jamaica and Florida and now lives in the salubrious parish of Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.

Just A Thought: Pause & Reset

We need to listen to life. Sometimes that means we will have to pause to hear the messages. Never get so busy that you miss your cues which lead you to fulfilling lives. Ignoring the alert can turn out to be quite costly. Just pause and reset. Be happy that you can do it.

Just A Thought: Forgiveness is Never About Them

Why do we let arguments last longer than the words used at the moment? Wouldn't it be better for all involved to utilize forgiveness to stay healthy? Just let it go. Believe that it is the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

Just A Thought: Do you really listen?

We were born with two ears and one mouth. Our elders tell us that happened to give us a hint. We are to listen twice as much as we talk. But do we take heed? Are we listening? Do we practice what we learn? Try to do it for one day and see what happens. Seriously! Try.