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Providing Care For The Elderly

Providing care for our seniors can be demanding. However, it can also offer excellent benefits and opportunities. Here are our tips for rendering care for the elderly.

NASA Internship for Our Jamaican Girl

16-year-old Jamaican Rynola Fraser has been selected to participate in the Summer 2021 NASA Internship project. A former Glenmuir High School student, she is the first black female at Martin Van Buren High School to be awarded the internship.

Clarks – The Jamaican National Shoes

Clarks shoes have held a special place for almost 60 years in the heart of many Jamaicans. The Clarks brand recently launched their Spring collection for 2021 and has dedicated a Special Edition of iconic styles to Jamaica.

A Modern Perspective: Jamaica National Heroes

The Jamaica National Heroes Modernization Project is underway, to provide a revitalized and relatable perspective of our National Heroes. There is a way for everyone to get involved to support telling our history through our story.

Ackee & Saltfish Ranked top 10 National Dish

Ackee & Saltfish holds a special place in the hearts of many Jamaicans and visitors to the island. Therefore, when a National Geographic publication validates the uniqueness of this local cuisine, our hearts are warmed. Being ranked among the top 10 National Dishes, our ackee and saltfish is rocking the international charts.

Administrative Professionals (JAAP) Show Love to Women’s Centre

The Jamaica Association of Administrative Professionals continues their quest to uplift and empower teenage mothers. Recently, they made a significant donation to the Women's Centre of Jamaica Foundation. The contribution was of much-needed supplies to assist the Centre in coping during the COVID-19 crisis.

You Are The Hero That We Need

A real hero never wears a cape or costume. We interact with heroes every single day. We now need to acknowledge them while they are still here with us. We also need to accept that, for some people, we are their heroes. Look at the people around you; are their spirits looking toward or away from you?

Virtual Reggae Month Brand ‘Tech It to Dem’

The reach of and power of the Jamaican culture during reggae month is unquestionable. Even during the pandemic, over 2Million people participated in Reggae Month activities. Jamaica indeed did "Tech it to dem". Brand Jamaica is relevant to the world day and night. Bravo Jamaica.

Its Reggae Month, “Come Ketch Di Riddim”

Reggae Month 2021 launched with a spirited service held at the Fellowship Tabernacle. Come Ketch Di Riddim is this year's theme. Rev. Al Miller delivered a stern message to the singers and players of music. Let them hear.

Just A Thought: The Importance of ‘WHY’

One of the most critical moments in your life is when you get to know why you are here in the first place. What did the Creator have in mind when you were a thought? This assignment, we call your 'Why'. Today, we hope you will understand that there is no science to figuring it out. There is just a need for introspection. Are you ready to know your 'why'?

JaRIA Honour Awards Hit the Right Notes

The Ministry of Culture has spearheaded the annual Reggae Month celebrations, since 2008. With this intention, the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) powers the execution of the Reggae Month activities. Throughout the month of February each year, it would appear that the world paused from all of her other work, to focus on Jamaica’s musical […]

History Cruises Into Port Royal

Port Royal just broadened its portfolio to include cruise ship passengers. We celebrate this island wide.