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Just A Thought: The Importance of ‘WHY’

One of the most critical moments in your life is when you get to know why you are here in the first place. What did the Creator have in mind when you were a thought? This assignment, we call your 'Why'. Today, we hope you will understand that there is no science to figuring it out. There is just a need for introspection. Are you ready to know your 'why'?

JaRIA Honour Awards Hit the Right Notes

The Ministry of Culture has spearheaded the annual Reggae Month celebrations, since 2008. With this intention, the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) powers the execution of the Reggae Month activities. Throughout the month of February each year, it would appear that the world paused from all of her other work, to focus on Jamaica's musical […]

History Cruises Into Port Royal

Port Royal just broadened its portfolio to include cruise ship passengers. We celebrate this island wide.

Rebel Salute Festival 2020 – On a Mission

What is so great about festivals anyway?  For generations, festivals have represented an expressive way to celebrate heritage, culture, traditions and special moments in our lives and with loved ones. A festival is our connector. Rebel Salute 2020 is celebrating its 27th anniversary. The festival fuses music, food, culture and heritage like no other music […]

Kingston Night Market

A spontaneous trip to the last Kingston Night Market for the year left a smile on our hearts. It felt so good to be in the mist of some of Jamaica's best artisans.