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Being positive is a lifestyle, and I live everyday loving the fact that I'm living every day. Each time I help someone smile, it reiterates the power of Good. So, I think, talk, eat, drink, Good News.

Your Amazing Passport To College is Exposed and Ready, Here

The road to college is a rough one for most students. Some students don't get to complete that trip for many reasons. Thanks to Passport To College, as long as the student is chasing Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics, today, every high school student has a chance to attend college. They can now earn that degree that matches their desire. The great thing is, with the right focus, dedication and drive, you can do it, for FREE.

Mobile Reasoning | Gabrielle Blackwood – The Great Unlimited

The art of storytelling is a serious one for Jamaicans. Gabrielle Blackwood is a master of it, so we celebrate her today. Let's get behind this powerhouse and support her efforts to create Jamaican stories that represent us so well.

Just A Thought – Wake up your Amazing Child

We must make sure that our culture remains preserved and ready for the next child that is born to it. We must cherish and share all that we know with our children. We never should leave it as, 'back in my/those days', as if it is a fairytale. Make it tangible. Create a memory from replaying those fun things that made us enjoy life when we were young.

Powerful Jamaicans making a major impact in Business Competition

Six of Jamaica's finest business minds are competing in the region. They are all taking part in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Sustainable Development Movement (SDM) Business Model Competition. The competition, hosted by the OECS, Republic Bank and other regional and global partners will stretch and mould each entrepreneur. Interestingly, the six businesses are […]

An Amazing Life of Purpose: Yorkali Walters

Yorkali Walters is a powerhouse of a person who concentrates on changing his clients' lives by giving his all. He is dedicated to impacting peoples lives positively and looks forward to joining the long line of great thinkers and doers born in Jamaica.

Jamaica Set to Open Creative Hub in Downtown Kingston

The face-lift of Downtown Kingston continues with the creation of a new Creative Hub in Jamaica. The old Swiss Stores building is the home for the hub and will be buzzing soon with activities. Collaboration is a key component of the space.

RUBiS Makes Significant Contribution to COVID-19 Pandemic Efforts

“All of this is for us!” exclaimed Matron Nickeisha Harding of the Santa Cruz Infirmary, in St. Elizabeth. Toiletries and personal care items were recently donated by representatives of RUBiS Energy Jamaica Limited, to residents of the home. Intending to make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by the COVID- 19 pandemic, […]

Strategic Foreign Policy to Forge Ahead Beyond COVID-19

Jamaica will forge ahead with strengthening its linkages across the world by using its strategic foreign policy to further advance national development goals.

From Maroon Leaders To The World

Over centuries, we sleep comfortably because of the people who watch over us. These people include the Maroon leaders who continue to fight against injustice. The Maroon Women Chamber of Cooperation reminds of the injustice that has been happening with our environment and takes a stance that "It's Time for Nature" to get respect.

First day with no new COVID-19 cases

For the first time since the Coronavirus showed up in Jamaica, the government is reporting no new cases today. This is exciting news and we hope the same thing is repeated.

Don’t Reopen the Economy…Restructure it!

After nearly two (2) months since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Jamaica, there are increasing calls for the government to “reopen the Jamaican economy.” This means different things to different people. For those who were of the view that our pre-COVID-19 economy was doing well and on the right track, especially those who […]

Jamaica’s COVID-19 recoveries reach 100

Jamaica’s COVID-19 recoveries reached 100 in the last 24 hours, as 10 additional persons were released from care, having returned two consecutive negative test results. The last 24 hours also saw the island recording two new confirmed cases, bringing to 507 the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Jamaica. One of the two new […]