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Being positive is a lifestyle, and I live everyday loving the fact that I'm living every day. Each time I help someone smile, it reiterates the power of Good. So, I think, talk, eat, drink, Good News.

‘Pack for a Purpose’, and the Sandals Foundation are Helping Caribbean Travellers Spread Gratitude

The Sandals Foundation, through Sandals and Beaches brands and its robust marketing machinery has partnered with the non-profit organization 'Pack for a Purpose'. The programme invites travelers to donate 5 pounds of school, medical, hygiene and other needed supplies to their country destination.

Celebrating Our Story Through The Amazing Dennis

The Little Theatre woke up on International Reggae Day. The launch of the Docufilm of the life of Dennis Emmanuel Brown CD stood as the reason. Patrons were ready to celebrate the three milestones of this event. Each patron was eager to be a part of Jamaican history. The first milestone was that this event […]

Sandals Foundation and Sandals Resorts International Celebrate International Fisherman’s Day

Sandals Resort Internationals and Sandals Foundation teamed up on International Fisherman's Day to celebrate and share best practices with Jamaican fisherfolks.

Grange Urges Strict Compliance with Protocols Ahead of Re-opening of Entertainment Sector

The public is being urged to make sure that they play the part of protocol police when attending entertainment functions. Strict adherence to protocol should be practiced.

Celebrating Outstanding Fathers

Celebrating and affirming the contribution of good fathers is one of the greatest honor to bestow on our males. Good Fathers indeed help to build great nations. This week, 25 awesome fathers were recognized with awards from the BGA. Check out our article for this story.

Shawnafi Dynesen: A Natural Powerhouse

Sound the Abeng! Health and wellness are central focuses of the Maroon lifestyle. Once you understand that, you will have a greater appreciation of who they are. Shawnafi Dynesen is one Maroon who spends her life representing natural healing taught by her elders. Enjoy our ‘Reasoning’.

A Riveting Discussion of Our Powerful Culture

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Abishai Hoilett of Bebble Rock Music and JARIA's Reggae Month Committee. Abishai is an intelligent young man who represents a positive future for our culture. It’s always a pleasure to take part in Edutainment. Passing on knowledge is a great gift.

Monument of Super Centenarian ‘Aunt V’ To Be Erected

In another beautiful way, Jamaica celebrates another first by having the oldest living person. Her name was Aunt V, and she will be honoured by having a monument erected in her name. We give thanks for Aunt V. She is a role model for us all to live long healthy lives.

Dwayne Extol, Constant Supplier of Empowering Words

Motivation to be the best person that society would be happy with might end you in an asylum. Try being the best version of yourself first. Impress yourself with just how good you are at being you. When we turn the spotlight on ourselves, we need to know that we are happy with who is there. Dwayne Extol lives this reality every day of his life. Find out why.

Dominic Darby the Exceptional Coder

"Never let your problems get you down. You got to stay focused and know your ground." These are pointed words to the fighters in our society who will take every opportunity to grow. Shelliann Darby is a strong mother who lives this, and her son Dominic represents the mindset.

Incubator Donated by JSE to Help with Neonate Care at VJH

The Jamaica Stock Exchange has put its hand in the life-saving realm by donating an incubator to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. These types of donation are immediately felt and put to practice. There is always room for more of these types of contributions and support of our hospitals.

The Mastery of the Accomplished Chef Darian Bryan

The inspiring life story of Darian Bryan is one to watch and get to know. It screams the need for us all to pick a profession and make it our focus, no matter how many obstacles are in your path. Each block should represent a stepping stone. Darian is an example of this fact, and we salute him.