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Arnett FC’s Malcolm joins El Salvador On Loan

Striker Kemal Malcolm's efforts on the field have paid off. He has been loaned to Premier League professional team Deportiva Chalatenango. He will get much-needed game time to prepare him for the CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying. It is a move that is a win-win for all involved.

‘Crampy’ Gayle Is Cranking Up Again For West Indies Cricket

Chris Gayle has decided that he is still ready to play his signature sport. He is in the process of suiting up to represent the region. The West Indies will have one more star player on their side.

JOA impacting sport governance in the Olympic Movement

As Jamaica advances in regional and international policy-making, Ryan Foster states: "Jamaica may be a small island in the Caribbean Sea, but our impact must be as deep and wide as the oceans that surround continents and beyond the horizon."

JOA takes Advanced Sports Management course to Diaspora

The JOA has decided to spread access to Sporting Management education to the diaspora. The aim is to increase opportunities for Jamaicans globally to add sports management to their credit.

Fraser-Pryce’s Heartfelt ‘Plee’ To Be Set Free

Eager to hit the track, Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce has joined the call for the resumption of sporting events. She is concerned about the earning potential of the athletes and how they will survive.

Cultural Icon ‘Kapo’ Honoured With Extravagant Floral Tributes

Cultural and religious icon Kapo was honoured by the government with a candlelight feast at his graveside recently. The occasion was to commemorate his one hundred and tenth birthday.

Seniors Warned Against Vicious Online Scammers

Seniors are warned to be careful now that internet usage and cybercrime have increased significantly based on the longing impact of COVID-19. Knowing who you are communicating with over the internet is paramount to keeping safe. Scammers use different approaches for success. The more internet users know, the better prepared they become

Price Calls For More Education, Legislation Re: Internet

With the proliferation of internet usage caused by the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increased need to be safe. Through the Safer Internet Day Virtual Teen Summit, FLOW Jamaica created an event with online influencers to discuss and give advice to internet users.

Be Responsible Online Say Social Media Influencers

Social media has become a mainstay in our communication. Some people rely on their social media status regularly for validation. For this reason, we all must responsibly govern ourselves with interacting using social media platforms.