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Mobile Reasoning | Gabrielle Blackwood – The Great Unlimited

Mobile Reasoning | Gabrielle Blackwood – The Great Unlimited


Jamaicans are great storytellers, and we intrigue listeners with our animation. The flair and excitement in telling a story have to be right. Whether a complicated or straightforward topic, we make sure to add flair. If it doesn’t have the flair of a good story, we are not going to listen too much. Gabrielle Blackwood has mastered the art of telling stories. From short films to a full-length feature film, her skill is refreshing and impactful.

Good News Jamaica recently sat down with Ms Blackwood to congratulate her on her latest achievement of winning the “Best Documentary Short” at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival earlier this year. We planned on celebrating the film, but an unexpected, welcomed, and deserving divergence happened.

The conversation

The conversation covered the local industry and Jamaica’s impact on the world. Her philosophy on directing and staying true to the subject is refreshing. Great nuggets surfaced in the form of a way forward, revealing shortcomings and understanding the culture behind what makes a good story.

As said in the video, Gabrielle’s work is a breath of fresh air. Even her music videos carry exciting stories. The video explains why. What I didn’t know before is just how much Gabrielle herself also produces that same breath of fresh air. It was an absolute pleasure sitting with such a powerful, graceful and positive person.

Watch the interview and let us know what you think. Make sure to follow Gabrielle on Instagram and Vimeo and by visiting her website to stay up to date. She is always thinking of a new project so stick and stay, revisit and share her stories.

Below the video, leave your views on the Director’s work. Maybe you will suggest a focus for her next project. Help us celebrate her by liking, sharing this article and don’t forget to leave a comment.


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  1. This interview was very informative and a refreshing look at the professional Jamaican film talent and opportunities that exists right here. Funders have been the long cry from this industry. Thanks to Good News Jamaica for searching out Gabrielle and highlighting her work.

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