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Revolutionizing Fitness with Praise & Worship

Revolutionizing Fitness with Praise & Worship


 “A wise man is full of strength, and a man of knowledge enhances his might.” “She girds herself with strength; she exerts her arms with vigor”, Proverbs 24:5 and 31:17.  It would appear that the bible recognizes the importance of including strength training exercises as part of a fitness program, and we may also agree that everyday chores and activities have a higher likelihood of becoming easier with building stronger bones.

In July 2016 Oniel Randall acted on the call to follow his lifelong passion of health and fitness by launching Fitness Revolution, otherwise known as FitRev.  The main purpose of the fitness revolution is to educate, motivate & lead families to better fitness and health.  Over the past two years since its small start, FitRev has grown in its club membership numbers, however another level of growth and revolution was underway.  Oniel was about to act upon another calling.

FitRev recently announced the re-branding of the club to a gospel fitness ministry, that caters to the whole person.

The Launch

The  bandstand at Police Officers’ Club was transformed into a fitness center of praise and worship on a perfect Saturday evening on October 27th.  When the Good News Jamaica team arrived at the venue, the grounds was splattered all about with fitness enthusiasts, including children.

Ian ‘Ity’ Ellis skillfully guided the program through each session as the evenings’ MC.  Fitness instructors from various gyms and clubs showed their support in leading praise & worship as they expertly guided the ‘congregants’ through high cardio and low impact routines.  Randy and Kerry Myers of Myers Fitness Centre in Ocho Rios blazed a energetic trail during their session of worship and workout.  Kerry Myers demonstrated her strength not only as a fitness trainer, but also as a skilled praise and worship singer. David Hemmings provided more high impact boost to the already ‘Rev-ed’ up crowd, who definitely were in the perfect place and space for more.

Some patrons were heard talking about waiting to see the man himself, take the platform with his well known high, non-stop, never wavering fitness routine. They spoke of his well-known way of saying during a work-out ‘give me just 10 more’, and 10 more turns into………more.

When Oniel finally took to stage, he began with singing songs of worship and got the mass engaged.  By the time he launched into his usual fierce workout session, they were warmed up and everyone was ready.  He describes this new direction as being one that was pulling at him for some time to return to his former dedicated life as a Christian leader.  Sitting with his powerhouse and always supportive fiancee Kara Stevenson, Oniel told Good News Jamaica, about having counted the cost, and made a decision to make a transition to follow God, Yeshua, not withstanding anything.  He spoke about the evening and his transformation this way:

“Every praise is to our God, every word of worship in one accord….” and so it was that every session was done to the power-filled sounds of gospel reggae, gospel dance hall and also contemporary gospel, among other christian music genres.

Guest artiste Rondell Positive lit the scene with his popular tracks such as “Keeping me Alive”, “Stressless Dance” and “Purpose Calling”.  When Good News Jamaica caught up with the minister, we wanted to know why he wanted to support this revolutionary event.  Here’s what he told us:

Pastor Ryan Mark was next to share ministry by unleashing just a touch of his well known songs like “Already Done” and “Soar Wi a Soar”.  With waving and soaring hands the worship experience continued with no sign of stopping.  Indeed church was in progress, as an altar call was issued, and one willing woman responded to Pastor Ryan’s invitation to give over her life to Jesus Christ.  After his set, this is what the Pastor had to say:

Sponsors turned out to show their support for this new and refreshing combination.  Hy-Lyte and 876 Water kept the patrons hydrated by providing free water and juices throughout the evening. The Heart Foundation provided free health screening. PUSH, one of Jamaica’s premiere event photographers covered photography. Dash Did It Productions covered videography.  The Ministry of Health provided free massages to help patrons recover quickly from the burn.  All graphic designs for the event were provided by RF Designs and Kara Designs.  After competing for prizes, patrons were given gift baskets provided by 876 Water and Grace Foods.  The Gleaner was also present providing media coverage throughout the campaign up to the event and on the night. Such an amazing night could not have happened without a very special team coordinating everything.  Thanks to the professionalism and detail oriented MALAYNI Project Consultation team, the event went off without a hitch.

1 Timothy 4:8 summarizes this revolutionary fitness ministry very well “For while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.”  Nourish your body, mind, and your spirit at FitRev while working out at their gospel fitness ministry.


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