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Flow Introduces Paternity Leave

Flow Introduces Paternity Leave


Telecommunications firm Flow has announced a new policy introducing paid leave for fathers, adoptive and foster parents and extending the time off for moms.

The new policy, which took effect June 1, provides 16 weeks of paid leave for birth mothers, and eight weeks of paid leave for fathers, adoptive and foster parents as well as any employee who becomes a surrogate parent.

Previously only permanent employees were granted 12 weeks maternity leave.


However, the new policy will benefit both mothers and fathers whether permanent or temporary.

“This is a defining moment for our entire Jamaica family. The conventional family construct has evolved and as a progressive employer, we are ensuring that we further support our team members and help to facilitate these moments that matter for them and their families,” said Flow Jamaica’s country manager, Stephen Price.

He said the initial months after birth are critical.

“Having your partner with you makes a world of difference,” said Price. “Our families provide balance and support daily and this policy further underscores who we are as an employer and the commitment we are making to our team members and the well-being of their families.”

The new provision means that the partner can take his or her parental leave after the birthing parent has completed maternity leave and returned to work, therefore giving the new baby an extended period in the care of a parent.

According to the telecommunications company, several of employees are already benefiting from the new policy including those who were on maternity leave as at the effective date.

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