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Online Gender-based Violence Platform launched


The Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport has implemented an online platform developed in partnership with the UNFPA Caribbean Sub-Regional Office.

According to Minister Grange, the Bureau of Gender Affairs, a division of the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport will host, manage and maintain the platform which is designed to raise awareness on the issue of gender-based violence.

The platform was launched [yesterday] at a Public Forum titled ‘Big Ooman and Big Man Chat: Addressing Intimate Partner Violence’ hosted by the Bureau of Gender Affairs at the Courtleigh Auditorium.

Minister Grange said that the online platform will among other things “provide a safe and secure space that allows victims and survivors to share their experiences and find support.”

It will also provide basic information on clinical and health services providers.

Minister Grange thanked the UNFPA for partnering with the Ministry saying, “We could not have done it alone. This is a fantastic tool and we will make use of it.”

The Minister also officially launched the first public education campaign – No Excuse for Abuse – being implemented as part of the National Strategic Action Plan to Eliminate Gender-based Violence.

“This is not another campaign to sensitise people about the horrific effects of violence against women.  This campaign is about behaviour change and destroying the conditions that enable, condone, ignore and treat violence against women as a normal part of life,” Minister Grange said.

The No Excuse for Abuse Campaign will target both women and men, perpetrators of violence, survivors, and people experiencing violence as well as those witnessing it.


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