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Reasoning With the Great Tricia Campbell

Reasoning With the Great Tricia Campbell


June 3, 2017

By: Charles Hyatt

Tricia Campbell
The Ever Beautiful Tricia Campbell

On a cool Saturday afternoon, the stars aligned and allowed an extraordinary meeting to take place.  In the meeting was super model Tricia Campbell and then there was me.  Tucked away in a cozy corner, we had real Jamaican reasoning about life and all that it encompasses for this wonderful woman.

A Great Beginning

Tricia’s story starts in Montego Bay.  She graduated from Mount Alvernia High School, where she began her love for fashion.  Although Tricia always wanted to be a designer, God had a different ‘design’ as her purpose.  What was that purpose? Keep reading!

Growing up in Montego Bay with caring parents, Tricia was sent to grooming school to learn how to properly sit, enter a room and such, but as a plus size girl from an early age, she never thought of being a model.  Her only thought was being a designer.  Living with her parent in Brooklyn, New York, Tricia decided to solidify her dream and began studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).  In due time, Tricia began working on Fashion Avenue (a section of Seventh Avenue in New York). Occasionally, while working on her daily tasks, Tricia would be asked to try on outfits for designers. Those requests, and a chance conversation with a plus size model, introduced Tricia to her true calling and life purpose.  Tricia’s purpose became showcasing other designers clothing as a model.

Even with the stigma of being plus size which was inculcated back in Jamaica while a youngster, Tricia decided that she was going for it.  With this intention, Tricia approached her parents with the idea.  Dad, the consummate entrepreneur was all for it, in contrast, Mom, a nurse, with the traditional career scope in mind, was not pleased at first with her choice.  Even so, Tricia took the leap of faith and quit her 9-5 and began pursuing a career in modeling.

The more reasoning happened, I found that Tricia was no ‘ordinary’ model.  She started her career as a ‘fit model’.  It’s best if she explains what that is.

Reasoning about Glamour Glamour

Glamour Glamour's Ticia Campbell
Glamour Glamour’s Ticia Campbell

Not only does Tricia have the busy schedule of a super model, she equally dedicates her time and energy to many other focuses.  Amazingly, Tricia has time to do it all with focus. As a matter of fact, Tricia’s new swimsuit collection is Glamour Glamour.  For many years she watched plus size women ashamed of their bodies at the beach.  She explains that women wore T-shirts and shorts to cover up as they swim.  That reality made her think of what she could do to free those ladies who also want to put on sexy swimsuits.  Glamour Glamour was born and was first showcased in Kingston, Jamaica at the Caribbean Curvy Conference, a conference which celebrated the beautiful curves of plus sizes with everything from clothes to healthy lifestyle workshops.  Tricia lit the runway on fire with Glamour Glamour swimwear modeled by  Nadine Willis, Tess Mowatt, Gianna Fakhourie, and Nikky Freestyle.

Reasoning it Forward

Equally important as Tricia’s professional life is her focus on paying her experiences forward.  Every year she takes part in cancer walks/runs as a tribute to people who suffer from colon cancer. Her mother lost a 7 year batter to the disease.  Tricia also makes sure to help up coming models navigate the business so they can get the most out of their experience the first time and not have to worry about rebuilding from a fatal mistake.  In an effort to get new models polished and ready for the camera, Tricia teaches posing and runway classes in the United States.

Reasoning Advice and Opra

To emphasize on paying it forward, Tricia wanted to give advice to new models during the interview. She also wanted to talk about her life changing experience working with Oprah Winfrey.  Take a listen to her excitement when she recalls how everything went down.

Reasoning ended

It was such a pleasure speaking with Super model Tricia Campbell.  She is such a fun, warm lady, she made interviewing such a breeze.  I look forward to seeing her more in her fine skin, enjoying everything she represents.

We #SaluteYou!


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Charles Hyatt Being positive is a lifestyle and I live everyday loving the fact that I'm living every day. Each time I help someone smile, it reiterates the power of Good. So, I think, talk, eat, drink, Good News.

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Wow ! Thanks for taking the time help spread the Curvy girl flag around the world. Such a lovely interview . Really hope it unlifts a young lady .


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