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The world through Krystal Ball

The world through Krystal Ball

Krystal Ball wowing the students at Boy’s Town All Age School with her journey

Krystal Ball is an artist from St. Catherine, Jamaica. Her paintings are dramatic and innovative, depicting a very modern take on Jamaican art while using vibrant colours to convey emotions and reflect her views on life in Jamaica and in general.

Each painting tells a story and often includes the human face/figure, shapes and symbolism to convey the story being told.

Over the years she has received many awards and won art competitions such as the Pan American Health Organization’s centennial poster competition at the age of 10. Krystal started her studies at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she studied fine arts before deciding to spread her wings elsewhere. Krystal has been quite busy showing up in various art shows both locally and internationally.

Her work has piqued the interest of collectors from all over, selling works as far as Germany and exhibited in Canada and the United States. She was selected to represent Jamaica in Russia in the field of arts and culture during the World Youth Festival where she was chosen to meet and speak with President Vladimir Putin and received a medal for her contributions to the festival.

Principal Sylvia Banks thanks Krystal Ball and Owen “Blakka” Ellis for presenting to the students at Boy’s Town Infant and Primary School

One of Krystal’s passions is giving back to the lives of youth in Jamaica.  She is always finding groups she can mingle with in order to share her story to inspire people.  In 2015 Krystal visited Boy’s Town Infant and Primary School with the Charles Hyatt Foundation.  Her time there left the students yearning to become artists and also enlightened on how rough it can be sometimes as an artist.  Krystal’s story was well received and her artwork was celebrated as it forced one student to ask, “Miss, ah how yuh duh dat?” when looking at how Krystal blended the colours perfectly to create a painting of a woman either hiding behind a mask or finally removing the mask.

Be sure to make it out to her anticipated “Revenant” exhibition at Studio 174 in downtown Kingston on Harbour Street.  The exhibition will open on Sunday May 27 and close on June 27.  The studio will be open from 11AM to 5PM.

Students at Boy’s Town Infant and Primary discussing Krystal’s painting



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