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Stop The Crime And Violence Tour Still Moving


The Stop The Crime and Violence Community tour took place at Olympic Gardens at the Friends For Real headquarters. In its nineteenth staging it had one of the biggest turnouts. The likes of Beenie Man, D’Angel, Josey Wales, Admiral Bailey, Singer J and many more, the fans were treated to a great day of celebrating love, respect, and oneness.

The leader of this initiative is Jamaica’s own “Queen Kamarla” Pitter through her Catalyst Entertainment Group. Queen had this to say, “That is the nineteenth community I have been through. This is a call for me to do, straight from God. It’s a bitter sweet journey but I keep at it through the love for my island and people. I do this because we are all responsible to do the right thing I am tired of the killing that is taking over Jamaica. [The way I see it] its not what my county can do for me but what I can do for my Jamaica”.

In deciding to do the tour Queen Kamarla chose troubled communities for each staging of the tour. She did this to reach out and [help] make the change. Queen wants the community to know everyone involved with the tour are there and cares. To that effect, the the first thing done on the day of each staging is to put on a big pot of food. The food is then given away to the patrons of the event. Children are especially treated and served like royalty. Queens point of view is, “yu know how di thing set. We a deal with poor people like myself. I use good words, sound, and power to get across to the children and parents not to get involved in crime and violence.”

Motivation speaker and dub poet Wize Wordz leads the event in a each week with powerful utterances which leave each community feeling empowered to do their part in stopping crime and violence in their communities. Delivering pointed and powerful poems as he hosts the program, Wize Words is one of the pillars that keep the show going for each staging. Surely by now, people come out to see him perform as much as the multitudes of artists which are associated with this tour.

For this iteration, the show was blessed by a pastor who prayed in solidarity with the movement. The night was filled with positive message coming from the entertainers who graced the stage and gave the audience a night to remember and talk about for quite some time. The turnout was great. What speaks to the power of this tour is not expressed any better then at this staging. 4 days earlier, in Olympic Gardens, there was shooting which left 2 dead and eight shot in the community. Even with that memory still very fresh, the people still turned out in there numbers because they need the change.

There were give-ways for the children, food, and refreshments.

The venue was blessed by none other than the former Dancehall power couple, Beenie Man and D’Angel, who’s set was well received. Two other artists who showed up to bless the audience with their talent were, Singer J and Nature Ellis. What was ‘a good look’ was the throngs of upcoming artists who dedicated there time to the cause. Entertainers such as Izula, Zesty Ice, Inoah, Berse Brown, Jennifer Barrett and the list goes on.

The event was given ‘a strength’ by main sponsor, Irie FM, Frenz for Real, The Jamaica Constabulary Force, SOL Records, Rehoboth International Link, I land Vybzz Tv, and more.

Queen Kamarla wanted to make a point to give respect to some very important people. “We have to big up the police officer for letting us go through”. The event could not happened if the JCF were not on board so they have to get a special mention for helping to keep the tour not only going but relevant.


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