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Individuals outside of his inner circle got some inkling with the recent release of his track Glory to God, which dropped a few days ago. The heavy gospel-influenced recording, which features his sister-in-law, songstress Tessanne Chin, and gospel act and minister of religion Ryan Mark, has been earning rave reviews and offers a window into what the artiste and producer has been going through.

“The song itself came out of one of the most powerful inspirations I have ever experienced as an artiste. It was about 4:00 am on a Friday and I was just listening to some new riddims sent to me by the young producers from Natural high. As I put on the headphones and started playing the track there was just this overwhelming experience. In that moment there was tears and just a most authentic experience, and then the chorus just came to me. I started speaking with God and ask him ‘A me yuh want fi sing this song?’ And the response I got was, ‘Nuh you mi give it to?’” Wayne Marshall explained to the Jamaica Observer.

He further explained that with that definitive answer he set about creating a track that as he calls it was “godly” and “of God”; something that could work in for a wide cross section of people.

“The guidelines within which I was working was that this track had to be something that could be played in church as well as in the streets so that a man can catch a vibe,” he said.

For the artiste, every aspect of this track has the inspiration and guidance of the Divine written all over it.

He explained not having seen Ryan Mark in three to four years but then he made arrangements to meet later that very Friday and both listened to the riddims from the Natural High producers.

“This has to be God orchestrating this whole thing. Ryan Mark came to see me and I shared the idea and he just blessed it. He was like the voice of reason and, being a pastor, we just used the moment to polish the words. Then Tessie (Tessanne) comes up the driveway and it was like another divine piece of the puzzle just fell into place. She just provided so much inspiration and I decided that we have to voice this same day. So we just held hands and Ryan Mark prayed and just anointed this project. I was intent on putting into this track what God had put into me, but at the same time taking myself out of the equation and just using the music and the word to awaken the consciousness , and change the hearts and minds of all those who hear“.

Wayne Marshall related how, once the tracks were laid, he went into producer mode, to ensure that this track was given the very best treatment. He called on his musical mentors including his father-in-law for tips and guidance on this his latest project. While he did not accept all the recommendations, there were some which served him well.

Although his catalogue does not include tracks that could be considered demeaning and violent, Glory to God, is a departure from the subject matter usually covered. This begs the question: Is Wayne Marshall becoming a Christian?

“I have been going through a process. I have opened myself up to ideas that were previously outside my vibration and this is a validation of that journey… I have been patient, obedient and following the guidance that I am being given, and committed to seeing the signs and acting on them. I am on a journey and I am where I should be. I just want people to know that God is accessible even for a secular artiste.”

As to what’s next, Wayne Marshall noted that he has other tracks to be released, but given the stage he is on in this journey, some are more relevant than others at this time.

“This song is having the biggest impact ever. No other song that I have ever released has come anywhere close. I don’t want to be put into a box. I will allow the inspiration to dictate my next move. I just want to continue to represent my truth and be authentic,” he stated.

By: Richard Johnson

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