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J Capri Foundation Launched

J Capri Foundation Launched

Oradell Carwin and Senator Damion Crawford.

The launch of the J Capri Foundation took place in the Jamaica Pegasus Legacy Lounge. Jordan “J Capri” Phillips was known throughout the Dancehall world as the biggest young, (male or female), talent on the scene.  That is just how good J Capri was.

Unfortunately we lost her in December of 2015 after a tragic car accident. But, her talent was such that, even in 2018, her songs are blasted across the world as relevant and favored.

The launch was spectacular, with local celebrities coming out to participate. It was clear that the room was filled with people who were touched by Jordan’s talent in one way or another.  The host Ms. Kitty, expressed many times, being able to carry out the instructions found in “Wine and Kotch” and “Reverse It” to her benefit.  Kitty was a show in her own right and was a perfect choice for hosting the evening.  Senator Damion Crawford, although late for his 5th engagement for the day, helped launch the foundation by speaking on needing an organization like this to help the creative industry be recognized as a worthy investment just like tourism, and manufacturing.

Brandon Salmon and Emily Anderson, Coordinators of the J Capri Foundation

Jordan’s mother, Ms. Oradell Carwin, addressed the audience about the death of her only child and the birth of the legacy of Jordan.  Ms. Carwin had the following to say;

“I want to be able to offer that kind of support to young artistes, who, like Jordan, is working towards making their dreams come through.

The foundation wants to give them the financial support they need to get training to hone their craft and become better at what they do.

But we also want to offer them emotional support for when things get hard and they need encouragement;

The foundation will offer mentorship and professional support, so they will become a more well-rounded individual who has someone on the inside to show them the ropes and guide them in the way they should go.

We want to offer them access to the network, the circle of family and friends, the support system that Jordan had as we know that this is far more valuable than anything else we could offer them. Because sometimes great talent just needs the right support to flourish.”

J Capri
Oradell Carwin and Dr. Karen Phillips, J Capri’s aunt

In his address, life long friend of Jordan, Brandon Salmon expressed that, “honoring Jordan by creating a foundation in her name will help keep her energy alive, while also improving lives of others.” He went on to say that “the foundation is dedicated to supporting young persons with a passion for the arts, ensuring that they make the best use of their potential and are not hindered by a lack of resources.”

The foundation will focus primarily on young Jamaicans between the ages of 16-25 who are pursuing further education in their specific entertainment field. It will also assist young artists currently promoting their professional career or working on a measurable project to advance their current career. The main avenues of support will be through social media awareness/education campaigns, seminars/workshops, fundraising events, mentorship programmes, and scholarship programmes.

The desire of J Capri to always want to help others will also be represented by the foundations focus on raising awareness of road safety. Ms. Carwin expressed that, “No parent should have to bury their child, especially not their only daughter. In fact, it’s more than two years later and I’m still grieving.  But Jordan’s passing will not be in vein, as others can be cautioned by what happened to her and be encouraged to take better care on the roads.”

Jordan ‘J Capri’ Phillips was known for popular Dancehall hits like ‘Wine and Kotch’, ‘Pull Up To Mi Bumper’, and ‘Reverse It’.

Photos by: Dacx Photography


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