Home Entertainment If You Weren’t There, You Weren’t Empowered
If You Weren’t There, You Weren’t Empowered

If You Weren’t There, You Weren’t Empowered


Almost a full house at the inaugural staging of the Captain I-Can Power Camp on Saturday July 27.  Setup at the National Library, the camp commenced at 8:00AM and closed at 7:00PM as promised.   You might have thought, ‘there is no way they can have a full schedule for the entire day’, you would have been wrong.  As the day opened, each child was told of the Superhero within them.  Through prayer, Mrs. Sonshine empowered the audience as is custom for a Captain I-Can visit of any sort.  This led into a half hour of praise and worship which had the children clapping and singing loudly as they lifted their voices and hearts. With the vibe  and the campers’ anticipation high, introductions and expectations set the tone for the day.

Young Sarah Morgan, who is 9 years old, showed just how an empowered child can have positive impact on their peers.  She did a great presentation on “Who is a Superhero” which obviously touched the hearts of the campers as eyes and ears weer fixed on the 9 year old powerhouse.  Following the riveting presentation, the campers were tasked with getting to know each other. The purpose was to allow the campers time to make new friends through learning as much as possible about them.

Then, came the moment all the campers had been waiting for.  Captain I-Can stepped into the room and caused a frenzy.  This session was about self awareness (Who am I? How does God see me).  It was a passionate session, filled with interaction between Jamaica’s Robotic Superhero and the campers.  Pointing out how special each camper was, Captain I-Can demonstrated the importance of taking care of yourself at all times.  Being empowered starts from how you feel about yourself. He also made sure that the campers knew that “When you place [good] value on yourself, you will live a life of purpose!” This, he drove home by doing a demonstration with the campers to illustrate the vulnerability one faces when they remove themselves from a safe haven. Campers showed their street smarts about getting out of situations along with protecting themselves from bad influences.  When Captain I-Can tried to trick the campers about the price of a phone, they quickly caught and corrected him.

There were a myriad of spirited presentations throughout the day, such as Robotics, Hygiene, Oral Care, Honourable Children, Dance lessons and so on.  Campers sang, did poems, and other entertaining items which kept the camp electrified.  Many people were pleased with Nurse Of The Year Denese Dacres Reeves and top six finalist Nurse Of The Year Raquel Easington who got personal with the campers.  The two nurses threw themselves into the undertaking and became immediate “Aunty’s”.  Another such Aunty was Patsy Henry (Head Sister at Jubilee Hospital) who took the young ones under her arm and comforted them in time of need.  Campers were able and encouraged, to iron out their differences in constructive and personal ways, which left even the toughest teens with pearly white smiles as they took part in the festivities.

All the ways of reaching the campers were successful.  Dance competitions, drawing, public speaking, etc., all had positive impact. One of the activities that really reached each camper was the VISION BOARD exercise facilitated by Mrs. Sonshine. The campers got involved creating the image of their future.  There were all sorts of images and exciting explanations about the boards.  There was even one future superhero… Thanks Captain I-Can!!

To end the all you can dream, eat and drink, Power Camp, the I-Can family wanted special thanks to go out to all the companies and persons that made the camp a success. Educom, Fraser Fontaine & Kong, FIRM Insurance Brokers, N.C.B. Foundation, PediaSure, Radikal Praise, Al’s Printing Supply, Prochem Ltd, National Bakery, Wisynco, Stokley Sadler photography, Martin’s Jerk and Catering, Nurses Association Of Jamaica, and all the individuals who put in their time and heart for a room filled with eager campers wanting the one thing that we all want, to be empowered.


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