Home Entertainment An electrical anointing through the Prodigal
An electrical anointing through the Prodigal

An electrical anointing through the Prodigal

Prodigal Son
Fans enjoying electrical performances

First of all let me just admit that the album launch for Prodigal Son’s newest album “Pure Gold” was only my second gospel concert.  The first was at launch of Papa San’s last album.  The Jamaica College Auditorium housed both launches.  Also similarly, eager patrons filled the venue.

Last nights launch will stay with me for a very long time as I was not only touched by the atmosphere but through the music, I’m sure I felt Christ himself touch me on my shoulder and welcome me home. Talk about an electrical experience.  From the very beginning I was impressed with the experience.  Patrons were ready for the evening and made sure to get to the venue early to get into good position to view the show in comfort.  Continuous music from Prodigal blessed atmosphere.  This is where I learned just how long he had been a member of the gospel fraternity.  Even though music played for about 1 hour, I don’t think I heard any of the selected songs performed on stage during the night.  Obviously Prodigal’s catalog is not only vast but, by the reaction of the early crew, is very much loved.

Prodigal Son
Prodigal Son and DJ Nicholas

At first I thought the crowd was early because Prodigal, in conjuction with Stepmath Auto Sales, was giving away a car along with other prizes.  I decided that I needed to hear from his patrons on how they felt about Prodigals “Pure Gold”.  I walked around and interviewed patrons who would take time away from the early warm up music to have a quick interview.  The first patron I interviewed was Christopher who expressed his good feeling of his ‘return’ by stating that when Prodigal was on the scene, there were great vibes in the industry but when he “stepped away, is like the artist did nuh work”.  Christopher was evidence of the eagerness in the crowd when he stated, “Mi ah guh enjoy it cah just di music along right now ah mek mi enjoy it from now suh mi know a mad ting layta.”

Take a listen to what another patron Alicia had to say about the man of the night.

Prodigal and Loyal Fans

Prodigal Son
Prodigal Son and Kevin Downswell

If you notice, there was no mention of the potential prizes in both of the patrons we spoke with.  We only heard about the prizes while speaking with his Public Relations director Shane.  Directing public relations for the Pure Gold project is pleasing for him.  His focus is to get Prodigal’s message across all electronic mediums to engage his global fans.

To see just how powerful the album Pure Gold is you have to check on how well the tunes have connected with fans already.  The launch of the album was on the 22nd of October but in September DJ’s were playing and ‘pulling up’ “Public Space” in an expression of defiance.  Most pointedly was DJ Proclaima out of the UK where terror attacks left 64 people injured and 22 killed.  The song has become an anthem to all who believe in ‘Christ til death’.

Just as the album does not disappoint, neither did the launch.  The amount of performing artists that graced the stage were too much to count.  Even Captain I-Can! graced the stage and had his fans wanting to take pictures and greet the Super Hero.  Ryan Mark, DJ Nicholas, Kevin Downswell, Keron Ennis, Saiku, and many more gave extra special strength to the night which lasted until after 1:00 in the morning.

Specially selected fans left the venue with either a new bike, car, fan, phone, or basket of goodies. But, all patrons, got more than their money’s worth.

Prodigal Son
Winner of the Gold Car


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