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Friday November 10, 217 was filled with empowerment as the Jamaica Music Conference hosted the second Sound System Summit at the Edna Manley School of Arts.  The summit attracted many enthusiasts although the rains were heavy throughout the day.  Patrons also participated in the discussions. There was a yearning for gaining an understanding while expressing views about the state of the sound system culture.  Many topics were fully vetted in an effort to uplift the industry and it’s impact on the world.

A Clean Conference

The conference then moved the The House Of Dancehall where patrons were treated to the planned “Clean Clash” between King Addies, Revolution Sound from Washington, DC and Nexxt Level from St. Mary.  Patrons were entertained in the early part of the night by Jamaica’s legendary Caveman Sound and a new heavy weight from Washington, DC, Selassie I Sound.  The clash was refreshing and delivered something out of the ordinary.  No cursing was allowed by the selectors or in the songs being played.  No hate music and no misogynistic music.  The first round of play was strictly for the ladies. Subsequent rounds were either for new artists showcases or selections of each sounds’ Big Guns.

We were pleasantly entertained by skill and style at the first iteration of this concept.  Also apparent was how hard it is for a sound to prepare for such a clash that is out of the norm.   Because of the lack of preparation, eventually, two sounds were eliminated for having profanity in the music or slipping profanity over the mic.  This left Nexxt Level the victorious sound, representing Jamaica to the fullest.  King Addies and Revolution just couldn’t hold back or weren’t quick enough with blocking profanity and clash MC Jack Scorpio did not let it slide.  As soon as the last mistake was made by King Addies, Jack Scorpio walked up and gently removed the microphone from Wynterfreshes hands and eliminated the sound.  Revolution was disqualified earlier for the same reason.

Clean contradiction

Some patrons were not happy with the eliminations because the rules were strictly upheld. They wanted a redo. They will have to wait until next year when Nexxt Level will defend their title against two new competitors.  These rules did wonders for dancehall.  The fact that there was no bending or blurring of the stated rules was an absolute plus.

We look forward to the next set of Clean Clash dates as this type of clashing takes form and grows.  Patrons revealed during and after the dance that this concept is what they have been waiting for.  Check out the video below for some highlights.

Thanks to ImpulseNation and Jamaica Music Conference for an enjoyable Friday.



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