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Black, Beautiful No Matter What


Who gave you the right to tell people they are ugly just because they have dark complexion?  The dark complexion that is known not to crack with age.  The dark complexion that is sought after by the fashion industry so much that they create products to get it.  The dark complexion that most of the world looks at with secret envy.  That same dark complexion that overtly raises curiosity.  In other words, that beautiful black complexion.

Gone are the days when a person’s black skin was a burden…. right? Well not according to Grace Hamilton a.k.a. Spice.  Her mixtape mega track Black Hypocrisy speaks directly to the unfortunate reality behind colourism.  Too many times people of African decent, with prominent African features, are turned upon with degradation.  Even from within the black African race of people, we are told that we are not beautiful if we are too dark.  Black Hypocrisy holds a mirror to society to show each person what they do when they take part in this horrific practice.

The night’s MC, Miss Kitty, explained just how deeply rooted this hate of melanin goes in this way:

But it is only the courage to speak up and inspire other people into action that will make the difference.  Correspondingly, Miss Kitty also thanked Spice for “being brave enough, because it takes a lot of guts, to step out of the box. It takes a lot of guts to go against the grain and stand up for what you believe in, and talk the [truth], and don’t be a part of the hypocrisy”.  She goes on to say, “It is a shame that we have come from such a powerful linage of African ancestry, yet that is not what is celebrated.  What I do hope [is] that this song will not only capture us, and capture our attention, but it will capture our attitude, and how we will move forward, and how we will treat the very melanin and the very skin that we’re in”.

Before calling Spice to the stage, Miss Kitty read an important passage to the audience that was meant to plant in introspection seed on fertile soil.  Listen to the full passage below.

A night led by females, started out with a hot DJ set from ZJ Sparks from Zip FM, to Adaje, an all female band, to all female performers [up until the time that Good News Jamaica left the venue], Spice was surrounded by power, support, and royalty. The Queen of the night did not disappoint her fans in any way.  She started off answering questions from the media and her fans to show that she is approachable and connected to the same every day struggles they all go through.

When it was Spice’s turn to express herself, she did so in no uncertain terms.  Carried onto stage on a throne by muscular men, the ‘scorn dem’ diva created a wave as she was clad in what looked like a red leather sexy outfit which accentuated all necessary assets of the well known artist.  Although dressed to dominate the bedroom, the audience was treated to Grace Hamilton, once questions from the media started.  It was interesting to see how the bold, unapologetic Spice retreated to give way to the thoughtful representation of Grace.  When asked why she titled track number 7 on the Mixtape “Captured”, Grace explains that she feels captured by the record company VP Records which she has signed a 5 album deal with.  Subsequently, for the last 9+ years she has had this deal with VP Records and have not been allowed to release an album.  She stated that, not being able to release an album for her fans has her feeling captured.

Spice was asked many questions, and we’ve embed her responses in the below audio.

The first question labeled her use of body paint as a ‘stunt’ and wondered if people would remember the purpose or the actions.  Spice had this to say.

Spice then responded to being asked what should be done to convert her message into action within our youth.  Passionately, her answer made a call to action for the entire country.

In like manner, Good News Jamaica got a chance to ask a question about this being a re-branding of Spice into a socially conscious, commentary. Her response, was all Spice.

The mixtape is available on all media platforms and the interesting thing about it is, 80% of the songs are produced by Spice herself through her own record label Spice Official Entertainment.

Reach out and buy the mixtape and enjoy the listening.


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