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A Touch Of Minka – The Launch Of An Empire

A Touch Of Minka – The Launch Of An Empire

Photo courtesy of JamRockOne Media Entertainment

Set to the backdrop of a simple, but classy Bohemian-styled décor, with soulful entertainment that included dancing, singing and instrumental performances, the expansion of Minkluv Enterprises through the launch of its cosmetics line, was off to an enchanting start.

Guided by the natural exuberance and spirited focus of CEO, Gillian “Minka” Francis, Minkluv Enterprises started with Minka’s simple love of crocheting and fashion which propelled her still notable fashion line into mainstream markets locally and internationally. But Minka wants to build an empire and her newly launched cosmetics line is the next step in her plans for continued greatness.

But who is Minka? She is a self-described Jill of all Trades, a Buddhist, a Holistic Healer and a lover of life. When you speak with her, joy and passion radiate through her voice, pulling you in and energizing your own spirit. This is exactly her mission through her many creative outlets which also include making jewellery, music and vegan meals.

“When you look good, you’re more confident,” said Minka, something she strives to ensure everyone she crosses paths with can experience.

Her chosen natural and spiritual lifestyle, guides all that she does and creates. Her new cosmetics line, A Touch of Minka, is cruelty free, vegan, and environmentally friendly, elements she describes as being non-negotiable. On April 22, 2018 at The Pallet in Kingston, A Touch of Minka was launched to the public, “A thank you party to everyone who helped to make this possible,” she stated.

Photo courtesy of JamRockOne Media Entertainment

The line includes products for all the basic needs most consumers today have – toners, cleansers, serums, lip balm, lip glosses and even beard balm and shaving foam for the gentlemen, to name a few. Also important to Minka was the use of Jamaican ingredients including ackee leaves, stinking mary (toe) and apple leaves.

Not wanting to give away any secrets, Minka assures that even more greatness is in store for Minkaluv Enterprises. What you may ask? As she works to complete her Master’s degree online in Natural Medicine, Minka envisions her enterprise expanding to include eBooks focused on healthy living, vegan recipe books, spiritual guide books and even vegan condiments such as salad dressing, ketchup and barbeque sauces. A vegan shoe line, with slippers and boots made from rubber, hemp and pleather are also on the horizon.

“I take my herbal supplements and they make me feel like superwoman!” Minka offers as her answer for how she can do it all. In addition to those supplements, her daily routine guides her mental, spiritual and physical states to enable her to think and be the powerhouse she strives to be. Each day she incorporates meditation, prayer and yoga which sets the tone for her creativity. Spending time with her family and disconnecting from technology when needed, also helps to rejuvenate her, something she says too many persons today overlook.

Minka has also structured her business to not only be about hand-crafted products, but also about hand-crafted people. She focuses on training and inspiring youth, stay-at-home mothers and other interested community members, helping them to learn skills and work for her business. This enables them to be self-sufficient and business oriented. Every effort is also made to support local businesses, “I work with them to let them know what I need so they can work to source, and I purchase from them.”

A superwoman indeed. Nothing less can adequately describe Minka and her expanding empire. Visit www.minkaluv.com to explore, support and share in the journey.


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