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Construction Project Management Course A Hit At JC

Construction Project Management Course A Hit At JC


Every Tuesday afternoon during the school term, you’ll find Jamaica College (JC) boys at the ready in the appointed room, poring over state-of-the-art technology surrounding construction project management (CPM).

It began as a draft document aimed at conveying the essential knowledge about CPM, leading to a confirmed course, class schedules, and outfitting a JC classroom with the relevant computer equipment. Today, 14 JC students eagerly soak up the knowledge for the third year running.

Coordinator Dr Claire Sutherland kicked off the course, imparting her considerable expertise on the role of a project manager to this year’s crop of young men on a mission. The 2018-19 course was oversubscribed, but JC managed to find room to facilitate the class.

The course runs from September to July and includes a series of sessions, each hosted by a seasoned professional on architecture, commissioned land surveying, civil engineering, or quantity surveying. As the school year ends, the CPM course is followed by a two-week practical stint on a Gore Development Limited construction site, after which the participants receive their certificates.

The Gore Family Foundation and its parent company, Gore Developments Limited, anticipate this success story continuing for years to come.


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