Home Education ‘Animation Evangelist’ – Jamaican Seeks To Break The Back Of Poverty Through Creative Industries
‘Animation Evangelist’ – Jamaican Seeks To Break The Back Of Poverty Through Creative Industries

‘Animation Evangelist’ – Jamaican Seeks To Break The Back Of Poverty Through Creative Industries


September 8, 2016

By: Tamara Bailey

David Martin has been a multimedia practitioner for more than 11 years; teaching graphic design and desktop publishing for approximately eight years and working as a digital animation trainer for the last two and half years in Jamaica. Now, this talented young woman has crossed waters to bring hope to Caribbean nationals, whose dream is to become an animator.

Unofficially charging his friends for artwork since primary school and teaching his brother to read using comic strips, were evidences of his passion for the field at a tender age and his willingness to share as much as he learnt with others.

“Just before coming to St Vincent, I was employed at the TVET Heart Trust NTA as a digital animation and multimedia production instructor where I had the opportunity to make a valuable contribution of my time and years of experience; I was able to train, encourage and empower young people in rural Jamaica…my students have gone on to do well, some of them have won film festivals, others have aided in the production of TV commercials, live action and animated, while others have gone on to be entrepreneurs,” Martin told Rural Xpress.

Development Team

Having also been a part of the team developing the National Council on Technical and Vocational Education and Training Level 2 curriculum and the digital animation Level 3 curriculum as well as the associate degree in animation, soon to come on stream at the VTDI, David Martin is overly excited about his new role in establishing and maintaining this sector in another country.

“Currently, I teach fundamentals of animation and visual effects. At present, I consider myself an animation evangelist, as I want to see this industry take root and thrive in the Caribbean. I see animation and multimedia in general as ways for youth in the Caribbean to use their raw creativity to generate the income to break the cycle of poverty. I feel that the creative industries have long been neglected and it is my hope that we can train the next batch of world-class animators and filmmakers right here in the Caribbean”

So far, David Martin has partnered with the SVG National Centre of Technology and Innovation; introducing a custom-made eight month course and is currently hosting workshops with the art teachers on the island to sensitise them about animation and how the medium can be used to enhance their lessons and provide additional career choices to their students who are creatively oriented.


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