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Soul Food At Pages In The Garden

Soul Food At Pages In The Garden


At the heart of a culture is the gastronomic experience that encapsulates the soul of the people. For Pages in The Garden, food is an expression of passion flavoured by rich Jamaican history and served with love and compas-sion. Owner David Brown is no stranger to the dynamic needs of the palate, where he has made a living curating recipes.

In the epicenter of the Hope Botanical Gardens, surrounded by evergreen trees and lush vegetation, lies Pages in the Garden, that exudes a sense of tranquility which is hard to find in the city. “Persons come here all the time to take a break and indulge in wholesome soul food,” said Brown.

With soothing classics bellow-ing from a jukebox and the hum of water cascading down an indoor waterfall, Pages in the Garden caresses all the senses to put your mind at ease. Experience one-of-a-kind cuisine based on years of experimentation by Brown. “My recipes come from a combination of flavours that are already ingrained in our DNA,” he explained. Several of the dishes offered are fusion dishes from around the world with a Jamaican twist. An example of this is the red herring fish and pineapple lasagna which is a fusion of Italian and Jamaican flavours. The sorrel-glazed barbecue chicken has a delectable concoction of spices that will leave your taste buds in awe.

“I believe in the power of food to make people happy,” declared Brown, whose fish infused with lemon grass and coconut-curried sauce does just that. “I’m a believer of using tradition to create new ways to enjoy food.”

Brunch is offered at Pages in the Garden every Sunday. For more information regarding reservations, events and catering, call (876) 995-9913 or email pagescafe@gmail.com

By: Latara Boodie

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