Home Culture Oh, for the love of hot chocolate
Oh, for the love of hot chocolate

Oh, for the love of hot chocolate

Shorn Hector/Photographer Roslyn Pryce Gordon (right) serves up a cup of hot home-made chocolate tea to Dorothy Gordon at the Seville Emancipation Jubilee 2018 in St Ann.

As the crowd grew larger at the Seville Emancipation Jubilee in St Ann on Tuesday, so did the lines at the chocolate spot. Hot chocolate has traditionally been a favourite of Jamaicans.

Dozens of persons with enamel mugs in hand formed lines and waited patiently to get their cup of hot chocolate.

“I heard them talking that it nice, and I love that. Dem keep cheating, them a come like all 10 time,” said Hassane Gordon, who was in charge of making the tea.

As a winner of multiple Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) trophies in culinary arts, Gordon was happy to showcase her chocolate-making skills.

“My mother always a boil chocolate tea, and me grandmother, so I have the experience of doing the tea from them,” Gordon said.

One young patron, Tonione Levers, who was very excited to sample authentic Jamaican chocolate, was pleased with what she tasted.

“Mi basically use $400 buy the cup. Mi mada tell mi seh it taste good a year time, so mi did want to taste the real chocolate. I used to drink the sachet, so this is my first time drinking the real thing. It tastes better than the pack one to me,” she said.

Entertainer Tanya Stephens, who had been attending the event for some years, was among those who stopped by for a taste of chocolate tea.

“I love chocolate. I bought my, cup, and I need to get chocolate. I’ve always enjoyed the chocolate, so that is one of the reasons I come,” she said.

By: Alicia Barrett

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