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Not Waiting For The Next Generation


The change you are looking for lies within this sentence. ‘Change you’ and everything else will fall in place. Far too many times we put off change to the next generation. ‘I hope the next generation will take this issue seriously.’ I have heard and read many statements like this over time. Why are we putting off what is right? Since man no longer is fooled by words but pay attention to actions, what are we teaching our next generation when we keep putting this off to them? Are we teaching them to then, put it off to the ‘next generation’?


We, the living have to actually live the life what we are seeking and hoping for our next generation. We have to lead by example instead of giving our current issue lip service and banter as frivolous communication. I recently had a conversation where every time I brought up a topic of contention about our society, I was met with the same argument; ‘the next generation….’ It is full time that we recognize the work being done by the current generation to make the changes that we want the ‘next generation’ to build on, improve, and so on.

One good example of the great work done by this generation, in collaboration with the next and the next’s, next comes out of Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth. There is excellent work which is directly tackling the environmental issues felt there. Take a look at the following short documentary and learn simple but significant actions happening in Treasure Beach. These simple actions teach and challenge our current and future generations.

What are you doing? To start all you have to do is get started!


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