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100 years of vivid memories

100 years of vivid memories

Lorna hugs her 100-year-old mother Doris Nesbeth-Bryan

Even at 100 years old, Doris Nesbeth-Barnes vividly remembers most of her life, especially growing up in Hampton Court, St Thomas.

From where every community member lived to significant events, ‘Miss Dors’, as she is affectionately called, can give a detailed description of past happenings.

“I remember everything from my childhood. I remember everybody that live in this district from my childhood until today. I can tell you where every house is go right down to Duckensfield,” said Miss Dors, who migrated to England in 1956.

The third of 11 children, she remembers exactly when her mother got married as well as when her other siblings were born.

Born May 1, 1918, Miss Dors said that her 100th birthday was very special because she received a letter with a card from Queen Elizabeth II to mark the occasion.

“I am so pleased that you are celebrating your one hundredth birthday on 1st May, 2018. I send my congratulations and best wishes to you on such a special occasion,” the letter read.

Doris Nesbeth-Bryan says the key to a long life is being happy.

Although relatives often joke that she will live to see her 200th birthday, Miss Dors believes her time will come eventually.

“Mi nah go reach 200 cause is only one man in the scriptures that reach 80. We all have to die. God put us here for a reason some live long, some go quick, and some go as they are born,” she explained.

While noting that everyone must die, Miss Dors, who enjoys eating fish, said that the key to living a long life is simply being happy.

“Be happy, just eat and be merry; laugh, do a lot of laughing go to church. I went to immigration and they asked me what did I do to look the way that I looked, because they never believed my age. I told them that it is the yam and banana that I eat,” she said.

And after spending 60 years in England and America, where she worked as a nanny, in 2016 at the age of 97, Miss Dors decided that she would return to Jamaica to settle in her hometown of Hamilton Court.

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