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JPS Ahead In Customer Service


In a Mystery Shopping Survey conducted by the Market Research Services Ltd. it was revealed that JPS is ahead of other local utilities in Customer Service.  The survey was commissioned by the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), and conducted between March and April of this year.  The survey measured the quality of service delivered by customer service agents, of all utility companies, in-store and in the call centres. It reviewed the experiences of customers of Flow, Digicel, JPS and NWC. JPS received an overall score for in-store service of 72%, followed by NWC with 61%, Flow with 56% and Digicel with 49%.  Meanwhile, the overall scores for Call Centre Service were: JPS 90%; Digicel 86%; Flow 77% and NWC 63%.

The survey also highlighted areas for improvement which JPS must address, especially in light of the fact that this year’s in-store score of 72% is a decline from last year’s score of 81%.

JPS Senior Vice President of Customer Service, Ramsay McDonald, said, “When compared with international benchmarking standards for utilities, we recognize that over 70% is a good performance, but we are disappointed in the falloff from the previous year. We will, therefore, be redoubling our efforts, to not only improve but even surpass international standards. We have been conducting ongoing training programmes for our front line staff, and have implemented a quality assurance programme designed to measure and monitor the contact in our Customer Care Centre and Online service.  We are also working on digitizing many of our services so that customers will experience far shorter waiting times for service.”

Details of the survey were outlined in a webinar conducted on July 31, by the OUR.

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