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General News

Outstanding Fathers Awards 2022

The Bureau of Gender Affairs’ annual ‘Outstanding Fathers Awards’ have recognised sixty fathers of exceptional character. The award seeks to recognise and celebrate the vital role of fathers and father figures within families and society at large, as well as their contributions to nation-building.

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Health & Environment

Blood Collection Centre Opens in Spanish Town

For 2022, the World Blood Donor Day slogan is “Donating blood is an act of solidarity. Join the effort and save lives”. In recognition of this day, the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) and the Ministry of Health and Wellness opened a blood collection centre at the public Spanish Town Hospital. The new facility is expected to provide residents of St. Catherine, one of Jamaica’s largest parishes, with better access to a blood donation site.

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General News

Traditional Folk Forms National Finals

Jamaican Folk Forms, the heart of our nation’s culture, are entrenched in our forefathers’ rites and traditions. The JCDC is vital to the survival of these folk forms, which would perish if not supported. These traditional forms are preserved in a variety of ways.

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Trevor Nairne: The Late Artistic Director

Trevor Nairne, OD is a man who is regarded as one of the best theatre practitioners to emerge out of the Jamaican crucible since Independence. The creative genius was honoured last Wednesday at a special event at the Little Theatre dubbed “Tribute to Trevs”.

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Judith Falloon-Reid: The Indomitable Woman

Judith Falloon-Reid journeyed to the world’s southernmost continent, created a film about it, and continued thriving. Her intellect knows no bounds. She pushes past barriers and sets new standards. That is just who Judith Falloon-Reid is. We all can learn from her indomitable spirit.

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Just A Thought

Mothers are Invaluable to Society

This special day should be spent highlighting exceptional mothers who have extraordinary qualities. There really isn’t another way to describe mothers. They are just remarkable and we love them because of it.

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Carifta Championship – Day 1

The 49th staging of the CARIFTA Games is being held at the National Stadium, April 16 – 18, 2022. This is the eighth time that Jamaica will host this event and their national team is competing for its 44th title.

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Ken Boothe: In the Reggae Studio

Ken Boothe has been a household name for over 5 decades. He is a talented, hardworking and dedicated musician who has manoeuvred the industry changes and storms. Ken is committed to being the best version of himself, daily. In this article, we explore the other side of Ken Boothe.

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Tropical Sun

Tropical Sun Foods Bridges the Digital Divide

Tropical Sun Foods is committed to the development of Jamaica’s education system. As a result of their partnership with the Ministry of Education and Youth, and Information they have donated twenty-four laptops to two schools in St. Catherine.

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