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Get up

Get up, stand up! The Bob Marley Musical

The life and legacy of Bob Marley returned to give us joy and reflection. Get up, Stand up! The Bob Marley Musical packed the Lyric Theatre on the West End. We’re sure this presentation will be around for many years to come. It deserves it.

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Mobile Reasonings

The Dynamic and Unstoppable Heather Nelson

“Duppy know who fi frighten” is a powerful Jamaican warning and observation. In other words, people know who they can play with, being disrespectful. Not all people are pushovers and Heather Nelson is the captain of that team in the UK. We salute her and celebrate her in this article and video. Enjoy our reasoning.

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Health & Environment

A Healthy Life is a Wealthy Life

If there is one thing we have learned from the COVID-19 experience, it is that a healthy life is the better way. There are so many freedoms that come with being healthy. We look at the correlations in this article to give you an understanding of being healthy.

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Maroon Mindset
Just A Thought

Just A Thought: My Maroon Mindset

It is our Maroon mindset that sets us apart from others. We understand that we may be underdogs but never bow to that reality. We see injustice as fuel to march on and right the wrongs. We see neglect as a purpose to pay attention. We are wholesome people who demand respect and defend the weak. We are proud Maroons. Take note and govern yourself accordingly.

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Mobile Reasonings

The Diabetes Ambassador: Mr Tony Kelly

Over the past 17 years, Tony Kelly has created an effective management system for diabetes WITHOUT the use of medication. In this interview, the Diabetes Ambassador gives step by step instructions on how to manage the horrid diabetes prognosis. You’ll learn about the symptoms, diet plans and routine changes that have given him success.

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General News

Creative Writing Competition for Youth

Luke Williams is a gem for creating a writing competition for Jamaican youth to release their imagination. Each competitor will use their story as an escape to create a world that they control and can mold.

The aim is to tell the youth to dream big. Don’t let this situation keep you from that dream. Use the time to create positive ways that will impact you for the rest of your life.

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Health & Environment

Mary Seacole Honoured in The United Kingdom

The pioneers such as Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale have set a trend that we celebrate today. Nurses all over the world stood up to the urgent and global call to fight against the current pandemic.

May you all be rewarded for your work and celebrated for your selflessness.

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World View

You Gotta Be Different If You Want Different

Being stuck in a rut is not cool. We come up with so many ‘reasons’ why we just can’t move on but the truth is, we just have not decided to ‘move different’ as Nichole McIntosh puts it.
This short motivational video is our way of reminding you just how powerful you are. You have every second of your life to make the choice to live a different life. Start with ‘Yes’.

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