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Being positive is a lifestyle and I live everyday loving the fact that I'm living every day. Each time I help someone smile, it reiterates the power of Good. So, I think, talk, eat, drink, Good News.

JPS Ahead In Customer Service

Customer service is one of the greatest ways to grade a companies effectiveness. When they treat their customers well, customers keep coming back. JPS seems to understand this formula according to an OUR survey.

The Church Must Lead in Violence Prevention

Churches have to step up and take their place in society. They have to start acting out against violence. Staying inside at the pulpit has never been effective. LASCO CEO Rosalea Hamilton is passionate about challenging all churches to be as active in community as they are influential in the congregation.

Caribbean District of Optimist International grabs all three top global awards

Jamaican Calvin A Hunter has taken Optimist International into a winning organization through out the Caribbean. For the second year in a row he has lead his team to a full sweep of awards.

Alia Atkinson to be inducted into Texas A&M Hall of Fame

What can the world say about Alia Atkinson? She is just the best at what she does. No wonder she is being inducted to the hall of fame in September.She has set the bar as high as it can get so many times. We are so proud of this Jamaican Ambassador.

Farm Helps Mustard Seed Community to Be Self-Sufficient

“Our farm produces close to a million eggs per year. What we do is to credit our members of staff with the eggs, which they sell in their communities. They give us the money for the eggs and keep the profits,” explained David Silvera, Business Development Officer at Mustard Seed Communities.