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Trench Town

Trench Town Teens Undergo Holistic Change

Students from Trench Town who go to Charlie Smith High School form the thirty student cohort of the Local Partner Development Programme put on by USAID and Sterling Asset Management. The Agents for Transformation Project. After-school Math and English classes commenced in October 2022.

JCDC Pushes to Re-Ignite Civic Pride

Through Culture Clubs, the JCDC teamed with the Bureau of Gender Affairs to host their annual Culture Clubs. The initiative launched on November 22 and ends on November 25.

UNO Jamaica Playing Cards

Once again, Jamaica has received accolades. This time in the form of being a feature of one of the most popular card games ever. UNO has released UNO Jamaica. Make sure to check it out.
creative writing

JCDC Creative Writing Traveling Exhibition

JCDC's creative writing competition will visit all parishes as an exhibition that will last until July of 2023. The showcase will include select pieces that stand out as exceptional.

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George Wright Must Resign – Cry The Women

We, the women of Jamaica and beyond, who have signed this Press Release, call for the immediate resignation of George…

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Cultural Icon ‘Kapo’ Honoured With Extravagant Floral Tributes

Gone but certainly not forgotten. The tributes told the story as renowned Jamaican artist and spiritual leader, Mallica ‘Kapo’ Reynolds,…

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You Are The Hero That We Need

The Webster dictionary definition for a hero includes, “a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength…

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Echoes of Sound System – It’s a Dancehall Thing

The sound clash is one of Jamaica’s oldest forms of musical entertainment. The art originated in the late 1950s in…

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