Just 1 “Read to Feed” Takes Banana Ground

Just 1 “Read to Feed” Takes Banana Ground


Just 1 Child Incorporated, a leading organisation that promotes literacy, teamed up with Good News Jamaica and the Olivia Smikle Foundation for an impactful “Read to Feed” program in Banana Ground, Manchester. Conwree Denton, Founder and CEO of Just 1 Child Incorporated, Charles Hyatt II, CEO of Good News Jamaica, and Olivia Smikle, CEO of the Olivia Smikle Foundation, joined forces to emphasise the importance of reading in children’s lives.

Under the motto “Reading is the key to success,” the event uniquely nourished the body and brain. Accompanying lunch and snacks for each child, an extensive collection of books surrounded them, giving them access to a world of adventure. The day was designed to make reading an enjoyable and interactive experience for all participants.

“Grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to encourage children to be excited about reading,” -Conwree Denton.

The Programme

Just 1

The program attracted children from neighbouring communities, turning Banana Ground into a hub of excitement and learning. The day ended with each child taking home books of their choice, cementing their love of literature.

Captain I Can!, the Jamaican 8ft Superhero, was a highlight of the event, inspiring us with his powerful motivational messages.

Good News Jamaica and the Olivia Smikle Foundation commit to a partnership with Just 1 Inc. through Jamaica’s “Read To Feed” programme.  “Changing the trajectory of  Just 1 child in an underserved community by transforming minds through reading and cultivating of minds through feeding-Just 1”.

Although we expected Banana Ground native and Olympic star athlete Nester Carter as a special presenter, he could not join the fun on that day.

We are grateful to our other sponsors YGRS and PrintBig, for their support in making the day special.

About Just 1 Child Incorporated

Just 1 Incorporated is a Faith-Based 501(c)3 nonprofit organisation. Educating, Empowering, and Equipping are the pillars on which Just 1 Inc. stands to impact underprivileged and disenfranchised youth through targeted and individualised reading programs in underserved communities. The organization annually impacts over one thousand children in Jamaica, the USA and Liberia.

e-mail: info@just1child.org
Instagram: Just1Incorporated

About Olivia Smikle Foundation

We aim to create an environment for children that benefits development and enhances their thinking and learning skills. How we invest in our children’s education is the future we are expecting to receive.

We use education as a powerful tool to break the poverty cycle and close the social inequality gap.


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