Against The Gaza Genocide

Against The Gaza Genocide


While we rest and celebrate comfortably in our homes, Palestinian families in Gaza are being slaughtered en masse by a UN-recognized government. The past three months alone have seen over 21,000 murdered, with nearly half of them being children. The mass killings continue daily. 

Here are my questions to you: Should you do anything about it? Can you do anything about it? 

We all know the events unfolding in Gaza do not constitute the world’s first genocide. Nonetheless, this one is unique. It is unique because there has been nowhere for the targeted population to run to; they’ve been relegated to exist on a slither of land, blockaded now for 17 years and counting. The fact that many of us are either still oblivious to their realities or think there’s nothing we can do to change them makes it easier for the genocide to continue. 

To underscore the facts on the ground, there are several recent interviews with political scientist Norman Finkelstein which I could share with you, but I chose this one—Norman Finkelstein on Gaza—partly because Candace Owens conducted it. I am no fan of Owens for countless reasons. But this?! This, I respect. UNEQUIVOCALLY. By 5 minutes into the interview, I trust you’ll understand not only why I regard Finkelstein as being among the noblest embodiments of what academia has to offer to our time in this world but also why I feel indebted to rare human beings like him for their courage and sacrifice in seeking to bring objective truth to the light of day in pursuit of justice, morality, decency, empathy, and compassion.

I imagine there’s no need to convince you that genocide is wrong. I imagine there’s no need to convince you that people who know they’re in a position to help should. And so I also imagine that, once you have the answer to the ‘can you’ question, you’ll be able to solve the ‘should you’ question on your own. 


It may seem as though there’s no way for Jamaicans to affect the Gaza situation, but that’s not necessarily true. Whenever, wherever key politicians lack the will to act in our collective interest—your attention matters greatly! Your eyes matter. Your ears matter. Your voice matters. Your relationships and connections matter. Your online presence matters (even when you can’t stomach reading or watching to the end, supporting the audience numbers for credible reports and exposés on the plight of the people of Gaza is, in itself, helpful action). And, along with any or all of that, your integrity and consistency matter. These are simple, straightforward and consequential reservoirs of power available to us all. 

Now, should you or your loved ones ever be in the midst of such atrocities, how would you regard people who stopped short of their best efforts to save you? Your answer is indicative of the dishonourable nature of any such stance. 

Your attention will always be leveraged, with or without your active control. What you do with your attention affects everything—including this genocide. So, my final and most important question to you has to be: Will you do anything about it?  

In the same way, you are the hero Jamaica needs; you are the hero our world needs right now. Please, find a way to stand up!

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