Joint Project to Restock Rio Cobre

Joint Project to Restock Rio Cobre

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In an interview today, Mr Donnie Bunting sheds further light on the timeline of his involvement in the efforts by the Leader of the Opposition to see to the restocking of the Rio Cobre following the devastating fish kill last year. Mr Bunting outlined that his involvement began with a request from Mr Mark Golding seeking his expertise and assistance in replenishing the river’s fish population. 

Following Mr Golding’s request at the end of July 2022, Mr Bunting initiated the process of accumulating the necessary fish to fulfil the restocking endeavour. Concurrently, Mr Golding and his representatives engaged in discussions with the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) and Fisheries for guidance and necessary approvals.

Despite facing roadblocks and challenges imposed by the authorities, Mr Bunting persevered, engaging in months of discussions with various government officials and representatives from Rusal. These efforts culminated in the approval received just last week, allowing for the transportation of fingerlings to designated sites determined by government representatives for their subsequent release into the river.

Mr Donnie Bunting meticulously fulfilled his commitment by arranging for the delivery of the first batch of 3000 fingerlings, out of the 30,000 promised to Mr Golding, to the approved sites. These fingerlings were transported in specially designed oxygenated bags to ensure their safety and survival during restocking.

A Great Collaboration

The PNP’s Junior Spokesperson on Land and Environment, Mr Lenroy James, was present during the restocking exercise, actively participating in the initiative. 

This collaboration highlights the commitment of the People’s National Party to environmental preservation and the sustainable management of Jamaica’s precious natural resources.

The PNP extends its sincere gratitude to Mr Donnie Bunting for his invaluable contribution to the restoration of the Rio Cobre. His dedication and determination inspire us all, reminding us of the importance of safeguarding our environment for future generations.

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