Online LearningHub Courses For US$1 Per Course

Online LearningHub Courses For US$1 Per Course


Founders of Jamaica’s first-ever online learning programme for students at the primary and secondary level have launched a series of innovative courses at an astonishingly affordable rate. These courses, found on LearningHub Academy, allow students and parents to participate at their own pace at US$1.00 or J150.00 per course per week.

Dr Shalette Ashman, the business owner of the LearningHub, said, “The LearningHub Academy was born out of my desire to see children across Jamaica being able to access educational resources no matter their economic status.” LearningHub Academy takes the early childhood, primary and secondary curriculum of the Ministry of Education and breaks it down into focused courses by topic. Each course has both instruction and testing components. Courses also have live Zoom sessions led by instructors who actively deliver lessons, assess essays and short answer questions, monitor student progress, and provide additional explanations to students seeking clarification. A critical component of LearningHub Academy is the ability of parents to monitor their child’s progress through the report card feature. Furthermore, the program incorporates a gamification component that encourages students to actively participate and make the most of the system and courses, providing them with incentives.

The Founding Principal

Dr Ashman, an educator with almost three decades of experience, uses her endless research in students’ cognitive development to supervise the creation of these widely well-received courses. The system, launched in 2014 as a virtual academy, has had tremendous success in multiple areas. Still, Ashman is particularly proud of the track record among students sitting the pre-high school exams (GSAT and PEP). “For years, our success has been spoken of among some of the top primary and preparatory school’s teachers and parents whose students have done well in the GSAT/PEP exams. It’s time I believe that every child, no matter their socioeconomic status or level of education, has an opportunity to access professionally designed courses to complement their learning.”

Access these user-friendly courses at www.learninghubacademy.com.

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