14-year-old Sarah Morgan Illustrates Captain ICan! Book

14-year-old Sarah Morgan Illustrates Captain ICan! Book

Captain ICan!

On May 9th, 2023, the CAPTAIN I CAN! team celebrated Read Across Jamaica Day. Celebrations included launching its first children’s book, The Adventures of Captain I Can!: The BIG Reveal. Thanks to Jessie Ripoll Primary School, Yummy Bakery and V8 for proudly sponsoring the magnificent event. This year’s celebration was extra special, and the team spared no effort to make it a success.

Master of Ceremony Charles Hyatt II entertained the audience briefly before introducing Joshua Morgan, School Monitor, for prayer. Mrs Tamara Morgan, one of the book’s authors, also known as Mrs Sonshine, welcomed everyone and gave an overview of the book. The recognition of Sarah A. Morgan, the book’s illustrator, made the book launch even more special. Sarah, one of Jamaica’s youngest (14) illustrators, spoke about her creative journey and shared the inspiration behind the book. She also quoted Pelé, who famously said, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

Mrs Moodie Benbow, the vice principal of Jessie Ripoll, shared her pride in being part of the special day. After, St. Anne’s Primary School performed the song ‘Strive’ arranged by Mr Davion James. Next, Jessie Ripoll Primary School put on a Speech & Drama performance. The performance had the entire audience in an uproar. The piece ‘Book’ was written & arranged by Ms Graham, was very well-received and spurred extended excitement.

The Keynote of Dreaming and Hope

Captain ICan!
Mrs Patsy Edwards-Henry, President of The Nurses Association of Jamaica, addresses the audience.

Mrs Patsy Edwards-Henry, President of The Nurses Association of Jamaica, represented as the keynote speaker. She reminded the audience about the importance of having dreams and pursuing them with dedication and hard work. Mrs Edwards-Henry encouraged everyone, young and old, to follow their dreams and take steps towards achieving them. She reiterated her focus by telling of her childhood dream of becoming a dancer. She promised that even though she was now a nurse, she would one day become a dancer.

The event’s highlight was the official launch of The Adventures of Captain I Can!: The BIG Reveal by Captain I Can! himself. The turnout overjoyed him. He and Mrs Sonshine featuring Tammy G and JOE wowed us all with their new song “Wonderful”. The song promotes the message ‘Drugs and Violence NO WAY’. The President of Excelsior High Students’ Council, Joseph Morgan, gave a vote of thanks, and the event concluded with book readings, a vibe session and giveaways by Danielle Hyatt (Jamaica National rep), Sarah Morgan, Mr Brown (Jessie Ripoll teacher), and Mrs Sonshine.

The Adventures of Captain I Can!: The BIG Reveal is a must-read book series that tells the true stories of Captain I Can!’s incredible adventures. It is a fantastic purchase for children and adults alike. It holds positive messages of perseverance, hard work, and following your dreams, inspiring readers of all ages.

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