Fi Wi Short Film Competition: Opening of Entries

Fi Wi Short Film Competition: Opening of Entries

Fi Wi Short Film Competition

The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) is alerting potential entrants of the second staging of the Fi Wi Short Film Competition which is open to the public from ages 13 to 90. The competition is free and open to individuals who have never made a film or had a screenplay produced.

The amateur Short Film Competition which is being hosted for the second time is the brainchild of the JCDC’s Drama and Theatre Arts Unit and sees entrants examining one of five selected Jamaican Proverbs and creating a short film based on their interpretation.

Persons who are interested in entering should submit their one-page treatment for a three to five-minute film to drama@jcdc.gov.jm by June 18, 2022. They are also encouraged to consult the Competition’s Rules and Guidelines on the JCDC’s website at www.jcdc.gov.jm before entering.

Excitement for Competition

“The JCDC’s Drama and Theatre Arts Unit is excited to host the return of Fi Wi Short Film competition, which has been exceptional in its inaugural staging of the competition. Our local amateur Filmmakers have continuously requested that we find a way to better include them in our national Drama competition and the recent global boost in video content creation caused by the pandemic inspired us to host this short film competition. We have marvellous films that were created as a result of the competition last year, so the JCDC continues to live up to its mantra by unearthing the creative talents of some of our amateur film-makers and giving them a platform to showcase their work while providing training opportunities with some leading industry experts,” said Mr Shaun Drysdale, Drama and Theatre Arts Specialist at the JCDC. 

He further explained that once entries close, the treatments will be assessed and the finalists in both classes will be selected as finalists for the Competition. These finalists will participate in a one-day workshop where they will learn about documentaries and animation from experts in the industry. They will then be paired up with mentors who will guide them through the process of creating their films.

Catering to Amateurs

“As this is an amateur short film competition, we wanted to place importance on the basics, the foundations of making a great film, so that’s why we have only requested a treatment for the entry, we want to help our finalists build from the ground up. We are working with mentors from industry such as Letay Williams, Natasha Griffiths, Monique Robb and Kyle Chin among others who will be among others assisting these filmmakers,” Drysdale said.

Once the films are completed they will undergo another round of adjudication by local film industry greats such as Lisa Tomlinson, Brian St. Juste and Everaldo Creary, after which the winners will be chosen.

Drysdale also noted that in addition to the standard first, second and third place prizes, finalists will also have a chance to win various sectional awards such as Best Director, Best Editing, Best Story, Best Cinematography and the Viewers’ Choice Award.

“The public will also have a chance to select their own winner with the Viewer’s Choice Award. Once completed, all of the finalists’ films will be uploaded to the various JCDC social media channels for the public to select their favourite short film,” Drysdale said.

What should a one-page treatment for a 3-5 minutes short film include?

There’s no set format for what you should or shouldn’t include. But for the Fi Wi Short Film Competition, you should employ the following items while writing your one-page treatment:

  • Title
  • Your name and contact information.
  • Introduction of key characters
  • Synopsis of the story- exposition and context where needed.

Five Jamaican Proverbs explored by the competition:

1.Nuh mek yuh lef han know ha yuh right han a do.

TRANSLATION: Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.

MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: It is best to keep some things a secret even from those who are close to you.

2.  Nuh dash wey yuh tick before yuh dun crass riva.

TRANSLATION: Do not throw away your stick before you have gone across the river.

MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Don’t celebrate until your victory is confirmed; be sure you are safe before you commend yourself.

3. Igle jackass falla cane trash guh a poun.

TRANSLATION: Stray jackass is taken to the animal pound.

MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Inactivity is determined; someone with nothing to do will get into trouble.

4. Den coco ripe, im mus buss.

TRANSLATION: When cocoa ripens, it bursts.

MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: It is easy to identify the intentions of an individual by his/her actions; people can only take so much before they respond.

5. Same nife tick di sheep tick di goat.

TRANSLATION: Same knife that stick the sheep will stick the goat.

MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Be careful of people who make uncomplimentary remarks about others. People who gossip about others will one day gossip about you.


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