How Tangible Are COVID Blessings?

How Tangible Are COVID Blessings?


One day in the quietness of the morning during the COVID-19 lockdown, I felt an inner prompting to reach out and spread love to 100 people for my birthday. The voice inside said: “Ask some friends if they would read and record Psalm 23 in their mother tongue. Let them ask their friends too, then record music to each one and send it back to them”.

The idea of connecting with people through music and a comforting Psalm felt right. It had been a strange time for many and maybe my piano gift could help someone, if not today, then tomorrow.

I followed the prompting and what happened afterwards ‘wowed’ me in a way I hope I never forget.

A Thief In The Night

I must be honest with you, COVID felt like a thief in the night. It crept up suddenly, with no warning, and seemed to steal our freedom. Without any permission, it took over our thought life, and our routine and consumed our waking moments.

Yet somehow I cherished certain things during the lockdown, including quality time with my hubby.  There were aspects about him that I did not fully appreciate, and I love him even more now! #COVIDBlessings

I also lost family to COVID and I have friends and colleagues who have gone through significant life changes in their vocations and relationships.

The thing is, even though lockdown showed how we could do things differently, many have already slipped back into the hustle, desperately wanting to maximize every minute and wasting no waking moment. The new normal is filled again with activity, and super busy schedules and unfortunately, the stress level keeps climbing.

There is little time set aside for intentional pause or stillness to recharge.

Do Not Miss This!

Wait, please do not move on yet because you could miss the opportunity to appreciate those #COVIDBlessings. I am determined to build pause into my routine because it was in the stillness that two significant COVID blessings came about.

#COVIDBlessings – A one-of-a-kind birthday

I followed the prompting and reached out to my friends and I was blown away by 95+ readings in over 25 languages, including Hebrew, Filipino, Tongan, Patois and Japanese.

I had to share this potpourri of goodness. I could not keep this to myself. It remains a treasure and delight to listen to each voice. An equal blessing is the touching testimonies from the readers.

woman meditating in the outdoors

Photo by Oluremi Adebayo on Pexels.com

#COVIDBlessings – SitAWhile

The second COVID blessing came when I acted on a desire that was brewing in my heart.

From personal experiences, I know that sometimes we need help to do what’s good for us. I asked myself, what if I could create a virtual space to help people press the pause button on life to recharge?

I acted on the prompting before I had time to talk myself out of it! More than 18 months later I continue to gather up to 35 persons monthly in a virtual piano SitAWhile to help them be intentional about building recharge time into their routine.

These are just two of my COVID blessings. They came out of ideas birthed in quiet moments.

I know YOU have #COVIDBlessings too!

My fellow Jamaicans, I am on a mission to document those COVID blessings before we rush on with life. I know they are there and your story should not go unnoticed. No #COVIDBlessing is too small.

I invite you to take a moment to pause and share your #COVIDBlessing in the comments or schedule a chat with me here. I will help you capture them!

Don’t miss this!

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