TruSHAKE Is Outside On The Fitside

TruSHAKE Is Outside On The Fitside


TruSHAKE, Trade Winds Citrus’ first nutrition shake, has teamed up with fitness and wellness coach, Patrice J White of Dynamic Lifestyle Studio to launch the philanthropic event ‘Outside on the Fitside’. The eight (8) week free fitness boot camp series is open to Jamaicans who have decided to make exercise a part of their wellness journey. The camp infuses exercise with fun and has already started to engage popular personalities in exciting exercise routines.

After two (2) years of restrictions and lockdowns, TruSHAKE hopes to encourage Jamaicans to live a more active lifestyle. The workouts use a combination of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Active Rest Training to help the body burn fat and calories faster. Designed for both men and women, the workouts which will take place outdoors will rely heavily on the power of the body to naturally burn fat and muscle tone.

TruSHAKE’s sponsorship ensures that participants can join the camp at no cost. Marketing Manager for Trade Winds Citrus Limited, Lauren Mahfood, explains that their goal was to provide access to best-in-class professional guidance from a top fitness coach so that everyone would be excited to be outside once more and ready to get active and fit.


An Easy Decision

“It was an easy decision to sponsor ‘Outside on the Fitside’ free boot camp series as this camp aligns well with TruSHAKE’s objectives. TruSHAKE is a highly nutritious product that was created to give all Jamaicans the opportunity to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Free exercise classes with Patrice J White was the perfect fit for the brand as physical activity supports a healthy lifestyle,” says Mahfood.

The camp is a place where people can be a part of a community. Families and friends can show up in their groups so they can hold each other accountable. Chief Dynamic Officer and Trainer, Patrice White, is eager to bring a beneficial workout option to Jamaicans and to play a key role in helping Jamaicans become healthier.

“Exercise is powerful medicine. I have seen first-hand the difference exercise makes in our lives. We will never lose when we decide to live healthier. We will gain a longer, better standard of life if we become more active each day. Not only is exercise an important part of a healthy lifestyle but it also prevents health problems, builds strength, boosts energy, and can help reduce stress. Every Jamaican should be more active,” encourages White.

Dancehall artiste Elephant Man (left) shows his muscles following a recent staging of Outside On The Fitside with Patrice J White (Right) of Dynamic Lifestyle Studio.

Joining the TruSHAKE Fun

The boot camp takes place at 6:30 am, two (2) Saturdays each month at the Guardian Life Parking Lot in New Kingston. To boost the energy during the series, the energy God, Elephant Man, singer and songwriter, Taurus Riley and social media sensations Danar ‘Dan Dan’ Royal and Darrielle ‘Triple X’ Cummings are a few of the personalities who will join the workouts to make them even more fun.

“We encourage all Jamaicans to take advantage of these classes and to incorporate TruSHAKE into their diet as a convenient, nutritious and affordable option,” says Mahfood.

The next series takes place Saturday, May 14th with guest host Mr Lex. To learn more, individuals can visit the TruSkake Instagram and Facebook pages for more details.

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